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Goober Candles Are Charmingly Chubby 40 Hour Candles

These Lovable Goober Candles are a Viral Success due to their Distinguishable Style and Shape.

The Goober Candle is an unscented paraffin wax candle uniquely cast in a chubby snuggable form.

Created by Talbot & Yoon in their Brooklyn studio, each of the four Goober Candles has its own peculiar shape and character.

The cuddly looking wax clumps are so characteristic and personable that they have earned their own names.

Goober Candles Are Charmingly Chubby 40 Hour Candles

Em, the Green Goober Candle, is a laid back candela looking for an escape and prefers to be near a tub or subtle side table.

El, the Purple Goober Candle, is a curious torch wanting to be in the center of everything and perfectly placed on any mantle or coffee table.

Eph, the Pink candle, is the lazy blobject that likes to chill on a window sill or bedside table.

Finally, Eh, the Blue candle, is honestly unconcerned and can be placed anywhere to be completely content.

You can find these uniquely shaped candles at through our link below.

Where to Buy the Goober Candles

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Goober Candles
Goober Candles
The uniquely cast playful candles by Talbot & Yoon

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