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GoSun Solar Cooler Is a Multi-Purpose Iceless Cooler!


Want to Know how to Keep a Cooler Cold Without Ice?  GoSun Solar Cooler System is a “Cool” Way!

Traditional coolers solely depend on ice to keep your food and drinks cold.

You have to fill the cooler with ice for every use, and once it starts to melt, you’ll have some soggy sandwiches for lunch.

Additionally, they’re heavy and hard to transport, and they offer little space for your food.

Could those inconveniences be any more out dated?

The GoSun solar cooler, also known as the Chillest, provides a brilliant alternative for traditional coolers.

It cools your food without any ice, and it offers an ample space for your food and drinks.

Not only that, but it works as a fridge and as a freezer simultaneously. If you like ice cream floats like I do, you’ll highly appreciate this feature.


The solar powered cooler has four power options to ensure it survives through long road trips.

There’s a built-in lithium-ion battery that powers the cooler for 10 hours. When it runs out, you have three other options.

For one, you can use the external power bank that powers the cooler for 30 hours on one full charge. This way, you have 40 hours of chilling.

Secondly, you can plug the cooler into an AC or DC power output for unlimited charging.

GoSun Chillest Solar Cooler Iceless Cooler Power Options

This option makes the Chillest an ideal solar cooler for cars.

Lastly, you can use the solar elbow table to generate power from the sun’s heat to charge the iceless cooler in just 5 hours.


It’s hard to match the convenience of this iceless cooler.

It comes with dual cooling compartments that work simultaneously—a fridge and a freezer

GoSun Chillest Solar Cooler Iceless Cooler Acts as a refrigerator and a freezer.

The built-in compressor allows you to adjust the temperature from -4° F and all the way to 68° F.

You can adjust it using your smartphone, thanks to the Bluetooth application.

Plus, the 11 gallon capacity means you can stack up to 60 cans in there. An ice cooler would never give you that kind of space.

The cooler also has a telescopic handle for easier transportation.

Paired with the all-terrain wheel treads, they make the cooler a highly convenient solar cooler for camping trips, or a beach cooler with wheels.

No more lugging a heavy ice cooler with you on trips; the GoSun’s convenient features account for easy maneuvering and handling.

Additional Features

The Chillest cooler doesn’t only serve as a solar cooler, but it also comes with a couple of invaluable features for your trips.

For starters, it has a built-in cutting board in the lid, in case you want to cut some salad for lunch.

There’s also a bottle opener, so you won’t have to carry any kitchen tools with you.

GoSun Chillest Solar Cooler for camping beach cooler with wheels

There are a couple of waste bag hooks, so you don’t have to walk around with trash bags until you dispose of them.

The cooler also comes with two storage baskets that allow you to organize your food before loading.

The inside light also provides some visibility in the dark or during power outages.

Lastly, there’s a mount that enables you to attach an umbrella or a table, allowing you to lay your things out and eat anywhere.

GoSun is an established company now crowdfunding the Chillest iceless cooler on Indiegogo where you can take advantage of these huge early bird savings through our link below.

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GoSun Chillest: Solar Cooler That Doesn’t Need Ice
GoSun Chillest: Solar Cooler That Doesn’t Need Ice
45L cooler with 2 refrigeration zones. Keeps your food cold for 10+ hours. No ice needed, ever.
$599.00 $899.00

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