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The Square Off Chess Board is a online chess board that let's you play chess online with friends!

The Square Off Chess Board Grand Kingdom version is electronically and robotically controlled.  With Square Off you can challenge yourself to 20 different AI difficulty levels, play chess online with friends, or against over 23 million online players worldwide!  You can watch your opponents moves as the pieces independently move across the board.  The Grand Kingdom version also includes the auto reset where the pieces return to their respective locations once the game is over.

Square off Grand Kingdom as an AI Chess Board

Square off is the most advanced and connected chess gaming experience, adding the ability to live stream professional chess matches, play against AI, or challenger players around the world.  When you do, you can watch the AI chess board advance as the game plays out.  This is probably the biggest advancement to effect the game of chess in its nearly 1500 year history.

Here is what one helpful reviewer had to say:

"The board works AMAZINGLY well. Finished few games against the AI and my daughter loved it. VERY impressed with the board and how nice it looks and most importantly the precision by which AI moves the pieces. The chess pieces are well designed and feel premium. I would recommend this product for kids as well as grown ups as a great learning tool using which they can learn chess by playing against the AI at varying difficulty levels. It also has integration with where we can play with people across the globe." - Palrem

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