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Although, this knife cuts through the [email protected]#*%….Use A Different Knife For That.  The 8″ Gyuto  knife comes from the Shogun Series X by Dalstrong.  This is culinary perfection combining award-winning craftsmanship, state-of-the-art breakthrough technology.  Dalstrong made the Gyuto Knife of the best materials available and awe inspiring design. As a chef knife should be it is mercilessly sharpened to a scalpel like edge and hand finished at 8-12° per side.  It has a vacuum treated Japanese super steel cutting core at 62+ Rockwell hardness resulting in excellent edge retention and exceptional performance.  The 66 layers of premium high carbon stainless steel ensure extraordinary strength, durability, and stain resistance. The military grade strength, flawless design, and affordable cost make this the perfect chef knife for any kitchen.
Disclosure: This link contains affilaite links.

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Disclosure: This link contains affilaite links.

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  1. I’ve had this knife for 6 months now and the knife is excellent. The handle is easy to grip, it feels well balanced and cuts through anything you throw at it in the kitchen. It is also a very good looking knife that adds to any collection. I have some high end Shun, Henkel, Suisin, Wüsthof, Messermeister, etc. This one looks as good if not better than most and performs extremely well.I think it is exceptional when it comes to mincing and dicing vegetables. So if you chop up a ton of celery, carrots, cucumbers, etc., the naturally ergonomic grip design and high quality blade are a pleasure to use. The knife maintains its edge extremely well. Just a few swipes on the sharpening steel and you’re ready for more action.Quick thought for the serious chef/knife connoisseur when considering this knife. The knife is titled as a Gyuto style knife however does not perform like most Gyuto knives. The majority of Gyuto knives have a flat edge which makes a rocking, chopping motion pretty much impossible. A good example of a Gyuto knife I own is the Miyabi Birchwood SG2. Also, the Shun Gyuto is another excellent reference point. No knock on the Dalstrong knife, I actually prefer the curvature of the blade for increased functionality when it comes to dicing and mincing. And there are a few Gyuto knives with the exact same design as this one in all fairness to Dalstrong. To me, it feels and performs like a classic western. Heavy, strong and ready to go through anything with little finesse. Delicate and precise this one is not.I took off one star for the sheath. It is cheap and is not worthy of the knife it houses. The plastic tab meant to hold the knife in is tied to a rope. The knot came off within a week. I’d almost say no sheath is better than the cheapening one that comes with this high end knife.You would be hard pressed to find anything for less than $250 that can compete with this knife. And if you are just starting your knife collection or just sick of your mass produced department store knives, this is an excellent choice.

  2. So to start this off, this is my day 1 review. I’m gonna update this after about a month of constant use. I’ll see what edge retention is like, how the handle holds up, and if the blade continues to be as beautiful as it is after being repeatedly washed. I was NOT given a discount or free product to write a review, I just did my research and decided to give Dalstrong a shot based off reviews and my knowledge of knives and steel forging.Out of the box, this thing is sharper than any other kitchen knife I’ve ever bought. It’s insanely sharp. I could cut paper thin slices out of a tomato that was just sitting on a cutting board without having to hold the tomato. It glides through most everything. I did have 2 small complaints out of the box, which I’ve reached out to Dalstrong about to see if there’s a way I can fix them, which are a 1-2″ scuff on the handle that feels somewhat abrasive, and a very small rust spot on the front of the knife in one of the Damascus layers (these two issues are why I gave it 4 stars, for a cheap knife I wouldn’t care, but for something over $100 I feel it has slightly more weight). I’ll update once they get back to me as well.As for feel, the opinions differ here based on hand size and what people are used to. I like a quality forged blade, and I have very large hands. I think the knife feels absolutely perfect in the hand. Weight, grip, rivets, handle material, all of it. To me it couldn’t have a better handle. My wife on the other hand, has tiny hands. She thinks that the handle is too large. Not too large to use, just not comfortable. She is fond of Cutco handles, which are thermal resin and very high quality… though their blades are just cheap stamped steel that has no heft to it. I own both and strongly prefer forged blades with weight behind them. Also I don’t like the cutco handles. They feel narrow and uncomfortable to me.The general appearance of the knife is beautiful. It has a beautiful center rivet made from 3 copper rings and a bunch of brass rings. The Damascus is far less pronounced than the photos lead me to believe, which is sad, but not something worth knocking a star off for. The hammered look is fantastic. I love the lion head logo stamped in the blade, though I am concerned that a health department employee may be less than fond of it because I could imagine meat particles getting trapped in it. I bought this because I’m starting a food truck and I want to find the knives I’ll be using in my food truck, this will just be one of many as I do BBQ and I’m particular about the blades I use for various cuts of meat.Lastly I’ll mention the packaging since people seem to care about such things. In a word, it’s excellent. More accurately it’s over the top. It keeps the blade very stable and provides a very satisfying unboxing experience.Overall I’d say excellent. If I can fix the little scuff and the rust spot I’m gonna change it to 5 star. In the price range, unbeatable. Shuns and real Wusthoff forged blades are the only ones I’ve used that I would say can match the quality, and frankly the Wusthoffs actually fall below, especially on workmanship.UPDATE 1-6-2018I talked to their customer service the day after I received the knife because of the tiny scuff/spot on the blade and they sent me a new knife and told me to keep the first. Unbelievable service. I just wanted to know if there was a treatment or product to use that would get it out. Both have continued to perform flawlessly over the last several months, even without sharpening (I was letting them go to see when I’d notice a decline in performance). Still about 98% of what they were out of the box. I’m gonna be buying a full set both for my truck and my home in the next few months. I’ve used just about all the knife brands they make, I’d put my Dalstrong Shogun against any $500 knife you can find, happily. I’m even planning to purchase their $400 gladiator set for my mom when she graduates with her doctorate.If I had one complaint, it would be that they don’t seem to offer a full set of their Shogun series blades. I’d love one with a nice modern, high quality block. Not that I particularly mind ordering each one individually. Would just make it easier.

  3. The knife feels great in my hand, looks good and is sharp.But, I feel scammed. It’s my own fault for falling for the advertising and not doing the research I normally do for a purchase.The reason for my one star review is that these knives are mass produced, and the advertising is false. Search “VG10 Core Damascus Pattern” or a similar title on aliexpress or alibaba, and you will see it is only a re-branded one. I also say this because I ordered one from aliexpress and I could not tell a difference besides the Damascus pattern.I returned these knives and just ordered the other named one from ali express.

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