Elegant Handbag Shaped Mug And Saucer With Spoon


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These Handbag Mugs are Perfectly Suited for Morning Coffee or a Formal Tea Party with your Daughter.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that fashionista in your life? Well, this handbag shaped mug and saucer set is a gift every debutante will love.

The handbag shaped mug can be filled with coffee, tea, or juice and comes in four chic colors: pink, light blue, white, and black.

Handbag Shaped Mug And Saucer Set

Each handbag mug and saucer set is hand painted in gold trim to add to its exquisite richness.

Handbag Shaped Mug And Saucer Set

The designer handbag mug and saucer set are inspired by a high-end purse, usually priced out of reach for most people (but certainly not you!).

Handbag Shaped Mug And Saucer Set

Why, with the trickling down of old family money and the coffers you have stored away, this is a drop in the bucket.

Each set also comes with a hand-painted gold spoon for stirring. Don’t forget to stick out that pinky finger!

Alright 💰moneybags💰, now go ahead and get yourself a set so you don’t have to mingle with us plebs any more than you have to.  😂🤣😂🤣

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