Handcrafted Damascus Hunting Knife


This Handcrafted Damascus Hunting Knife, is Reliabile and Durabile, even Retains Sharpness after the Toughest Use.

200 layers of Damascus steel leads this knife to 58-60 HRC hardness on the Rockwell Scale.  The beautifully crafted handle ensures a solid grip, whether field dressing large game or fending off an attacker.

The “Emperor” knife blade is 8″ inches in length attached to a 5.5″ ergonomic handle.  The knife retains a sharp handle to handle the toughest jobs outdoors.  Easily complete any cutting task while hunting, camping, or living off grid.

The Damascus Hunting Knife is wrapped with walnut wood and has a comfortable guard and finger notch.  Razor sharp and rock solid are the only ways to describe the Handcrafted Damascus Hunting Knife.

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