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Hanging Macrame Hammock Chair Swing For The Bedroom Or Porch


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Take Advantage of The Tranquil Hammock Chair Swing from Komorebi to Escape Indoors or Relax Outdoors.

Lounge in the hammock chair swing for bedroom reading or hang it from your favorite tree and unwind in your backyard.

The Bohemian-inspired hammock chair swing will support your most relaxing position while you decompress for hours.

The portable hammock chair is designed with knotted threadwork, and decorative tassels, and has a side pocket to store your book, phone or drink.

It comes with two large cushions and a bag for easy storage.

Hammock Chair Hanging Kits

Komorebi offers three styles of hammock chair swing hanging kits to fit your taste.

The Adjustable Nylon Rope Hanging Kit provides a more natural look and has the versatility for indoor or outdoor use.

The Stainless Steel Hanging Kit with Chain is compatible with hanging your hammock chair from high ceilings or beams.

In addition, Komorebi offers their 360° Hammock Chair Hanging Kit that lets you swivel however you wish.

The Komorebi hammock chairs come in three color options.  Ivory or grey will easily blend with any decor.

You can also choose ivory with black trim if you’re feeling a little froggy.  So, pick your favorite design to hang your hammock chair swing and check out for a while.

Where to Buy the Hanging Macrame Hammock Chairs

Komorebi Hammock Chair Swing
Komorebi Hammock Chair Swing
$59.99 $69.99
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