Harry Potter House Scarf Mugs


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When it’s too warm for wearing a Harry Potter house scarf reach for the mugs designed like the scarves.

Display your house pride in a whole new way with these Harry Potter House Scarf mugs designed like a house scarf.  Sure, there are other ways to show your a Harry Potter fan like flying your Harry Potter broom to work.   Using the Wingard Leviosa spell to make your old computer explode so you can get a new one.  Or, turning your boss into a human balloon, like Aunt Marge, when they won’t get off your back!  But, we have found a more subtle way to display or fanhood that won’t get you fired.  These stylish mugs are a fabulous way to show your house pride without getting in trouble with the FAA for flying a broom without a license.

Each of these Harry Potter house mugs appear cloaked in the Hogwarts uniform.   Each mug is complete with a detailed house crest and thick scarf piping.  The mugs are made of the best ceramic magic can conjure.  Whether your a Griffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or a Slytherin, there is a mug for every potterhead.  Check out the pics below to see the additional mug styles.


What are your thoughts on these new Harry Potter mugs? Do you have a favorite?

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