Hatch Restore 3 in 1 Sound Machine, Smart Light, & Sunrise Alarm Clock


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Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant Is all You’ll Need for a Restorative Night’s Rest

Hatch Restore smart light alarm cock blends evening relaxation and a peaceful wake up by the use of smart light, wind-down meditations, a sound machine, and a quiet sunrise alarm (dawn simulation lamp) or customizable alarm clock.

The Hatch alarm clock is a relaxation multi-tool that helps you to easily and naturally fall asleep, STAY asleep, and wake up fully rejuvenated.

With a large library of hundreds of stories, sounds, and light settings you can personalize the Smart Sleep Assistant to revolutionize your sleeping experience.

Smart Sleep Assistant

Hatch Smart Sleep Assistant helps you set personalized settings from pre-bed time to wake up.

You can set a reading light that won’t disturb your partner, select a soundscape that helps you wind down, schedule white noise to last throughout the night, and more.

Hatch Restore Sound Machine, Smart Light, Sunrise Alarm Clock

Choose the sounds, light hues, and order of your desired routine.  Then make changes as you learn more about what brings you the best sleep you’ve ever experienced.

Not quite ready for bed?  Set the mood or the perfect sound regardless of the time of day or night.

Sound Machine

The Hatch sound machine offers tons of relaxing sounds for a great night’s sleep.

The free version of the app offers 31 sounds such as white noise, birds, rain, waves, forest, and many others to soothe any type of sleeper.

Hatch Restore 3 In 1 Sound Machine, Smart Light, &Amp; Sunrise Alarm Clock

Hatch offers a sound machine for a baby aptly named the Rest Mini that provides 8 sounds, a custom timer, and easy touch controls.

More options are provided for the little ones through the Rest and Rest+ versions, where you will get more sound options as well as add customizable lighting.

What is the Purpose of a Sound Machine?

The purpose of a sound machine is to help with sleeping better by drowning out distracting ambient sounds, and thoughts, or even helping those with tinnitus who experience buzzing or ringing in their ears.

Focusing on the noise produced by the sound machine allows the relaxing sounds to be dominant, helping you relax and fall asleep.

Is it OK to Sleep with a Sound Machine?

The key to using a sound machine to sleep is keeping it at a low decibel, selecting a sound that does not have wide variations in its audio, and using it consistently.

What is the Best Sound to Fall Asleep To?

According to a 2017 study in Scientific Reports, there are three preferred sound categories to listen to for a good night’s sleep.

Natural sounds were found to activate the parasympathetic nervous system promoting rest and digestion.

Pentatonic music is music on a scale of five notes per octave.  This music can be heard in many genres, as can be explained in this video.

Pentatonic music was shown to be comforting and reduce stress hormones.

Sound masking sounds such as white, pink, or brown noise are preferred when you need to block other ambient sounds such as garbage trucks, car doors, or dogs barking.

Sound masking can be most beneficial to those working odd shifts.

Although this may help you it comes down to your intended needs and preferences beyond this.

What is the Best Sound to Wake Up To?

According to a recent Australian study, melodic songs can decrease morning grogginess vs the traditional beeping alarm clock.

According to their study, it is believed that rising and falling tones can have an increasing effect on alertness.

Sound masking such as white, pink, or brown noise

If you want to lean more toward the natural, birds singing mimics a melodic sound and is a great way to wake up feeling refreshed.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

As we get older, quality sleep becomes more and more of a commodity.  But the importance of waking prepared for what lies ahead never seems to change.

However, the less sleep and the less quality of that sleep we get it is easier to destroy our Circadian Rhythms (body clock) which are the 24-hour cycles that tell us, in part, when it is time to sleep or wake.

Hatch Restore Sound Machine, Smart Light, Sunrise Alarm Clock

The Hatch alarm clock helps to “restore” those rhythms by overcoming your drawn curtains, illuminating your room with 10 light variations simulating the rising of the dawn.

The silent hatch alarm gradually gets brighter at the time you set shining through those eye boogers that the sandman left,

Sleep Sounds, Insomnia, Sleep, Relaxing, Study Sounds, Sleep Meditation, Deep Sleep [BLACK SCREEN]

Sleep Sounds, Insomnia, Sleep, Rela...

The gentle wake-up of the Hatch sunrise alarm will boost your mood, and energy, and increase your productivity.

Do sunrise alarm clocks really work?

Yes!  Sunrise alarm clocks allow you to wake up more naturally by gradually increasing in brightness keeping with your body’s Circadian Rhythms.  By mimicking the gradual rise of the sun, the quiet alarm in your body arouses you bit by bit in a gentle and relaxed way.

What Should I Look for in a Sunrise Alarm Clock?

One of the most important aspects to consider is the brightness level the lamp can achieve.  Heavy sleepers require more intense brightness.

The Hatch Restore sunrise alarm clock allows you to make the necessary adjustments according to your sleep levels by a control on the side of the unit.

Smart Light

The Hatch Restore App is the heart of the smart light functionality as well as all of the others.

You can make adjustments through 22 light selections between the level of intensity and color while controlling all other aspects of the unit through the app.

What is Meant by Smart Light?

A smart light is a light with advanced technology that generally allows it to be controlled by a mobile app.

The lights can be automated or controlled remotely, eliminating the need for switches, toggles, or chains that typically come with tabletop lamps.

Do Smart Lights Connect to WIFI?

The Hatch Restore alarm clock does require WIFI.  According to our research, simply using a cell network can sometimes have issues.

The issue appears to lie in that the sunrise alarm clock requires a consistent MAC address.

Hatch Reading Light

Much like the sunrise aspect of the Hatch restore, it can also be used as a reading light in bed.

The same levels of brightness and colors are available to adjust to your reading preference.

Lower lighting is suggested when using the reading light for bedtime.

Hatch Restore Sound Machine, Smart Light, Sunrise Alarm Clock

Are amber reading lights better?

Using an amber light selection on the Hatch Restore helps reduce the blue light exposure.  Reducing your exposure to blue light increases sleep hormones such as melatonin.

Hatch Restore App

As we stated previously the free version of the Hatch Restore App gives plenty of options, but there is also a subscription available to take full advantage of all of the benefits.

The Hatch Restore App subscription costs $49.99 or $4.99 per month.  The first six months are free for first-time users.

The Hatch Apps are completely compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Where to Buy the Hatch Restore Sound Machine, Smart Light, & Sunrise Alarm Clock

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