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Hazey Cocktail Smoker Adds Vigor To Your Whiskey or Mix Drink


This Cocktail Smoker Kit Adds a Smokey Finish to Your Favorite Spirit.

Hazey Cocktail Smokers are the ultimate drink infuser for any cocktail or whiskey connoisseur.

As the very descriptive name implies, the whiskey smoker takes your drink to the next level.

The smoker kit allows you to smoke your Wagyu Old Fashion with Cherry wood, an Axle Foley with Apple wood, Rye Whiskey with Hickory, or Dragon’s Breath with Mesquite.

Hazey Cocktail Smoker Whiskey Smoker

The unique design of the cocktail smoker infuses the the most intense aroma of your preferred wood chips without any imposition of the smoker itself.

Drink aficionados will love that it is affordable, easy to use and will be a life long home bar treasure.

Now they can enjoy a cocktail with smoke flavor at their convenience without leaving home.

How to Smoke a Cocktail with the Hazey Smoker Kit

Simply fit the whiskey smoker over the glass, insert the wood chips (less than 1/4 inch chips), then light with this cocktail smoker gun from Home Depot.

Burn continuously for about 10 seconds and keep the lid on for 20-30 seconds to allow the haze to infuse.

The smoke is mesmerizing while your favorite spirit is being infused.

Hazey Cocktail Smoker Whiskey Smoker

Then just sit back, enjoy your savory drink, and relax.

The Hazey smoker box comes with the smoker, and four mouth watering wood flavors.

The stainless steel smoker was CNC machined, similar to 3D printing for stainless steel, for precise fitting over Shaker, Highball, Old Fashioned, or Glencairn drinkware.

Early Bird packages are available now on Kickstarter to offer savings of over 50% from expected retail prices .

The creators of the Hazey Smoker are interactive and answer any questions almost immediately to the commenters, and you can also find answers to several FAQ’s.

Where to Buy the Hazey Cocktail Smoker

Hazey Cocktail Smoker Kit
Hazey Cocktail Smoker Kit
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$75.00 $129.00


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