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New Ranvoo Heated Towel Rail & UV Sanitizer Is Absolutely Groundbreaking


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Ranvoo Heated Towel Rail is a Daily Luxury Spa Experience at a Low Electric Cost

The Ranvoo heated towel rail is an infrared towel warmer that dries your towels and kills 99% of germs through UV-C light and hot air distribution.

Ranvoo is a high-performance towel warmer with a minimalist design.  At five inches high and 20 inches in width, it’s a perfect fit for any modern bathroom.

Ranvoo Heated Towel Rail Uv Sanitizer

Drill-free installation can be accomplished by applying the adhesive on the back and pressing against the wall.

Then plug the stylish towel warmer in and you are ready to warm and clean to your heart’s desire.

Once installed, salon-type experiences await after every bath or shower with tons of other pragmatic benefits.

Can you dry clothes on a heated towel rack?

Yes, you can! With the Ranvoo heated towel rail, not only can you keep your towels dry, but, also swimming trunks, underwear, socks, loofas (or is it loofi), and more.

Bathrooms in every season can remain damp for long periods of time.  This dampness is the optimal environment for breeding bacteria.

Now, through a combination of circulated warm air and infrared UV-C light you can dry and disinfect your linens quickly and thoroughly even in the most clammy of bathrooms.

Molds, mildews, and fungi can cause foul smells and some illnesses.

Ranvoo Heated Towel Rail Uv Sanitizer

They will be decimated by the ultraviolet light radiated from the heated rail controlled by an intelligent sensor that can be automatically activated.

Want to preserve the choice of when to dry your lines?  The intelligent touch screen allows you to choose auto, dry or sanitize, as well as, duration between 1-3 hours.

The Ranvoo heated towel rack’s carbon fiber tube generates invisible wide-range infrared light enhanced by centrifugal motors at each end to circulate the heated air.

This combination applies the heat to the surface of your towels instead of dissipating and drys linens far quicker than other towel rack heaters available.

How Much Electricity Does a Heated Towel Rack Use?

Using the Ranvoo heated towel rack will cost you cents on the dollar up to a $2 max on your monthly electric bill.

By using the towel warmer 2 hours a day for a month, it will add approximately .90 cents to your bill.

Ranvoo Heated Towel Rack Safety Features

The Ranvoo towel warmer is packed with all the safety features needed.  Overheat protection shuts the towel rack down automatically when overheated.

The shockproof design is also made of fireproof materials.

Ranvoo Heated Towel Rail Uv Sanitizer

The Ranvoo towel rack will also detect electricity leakage and shut down automatically.

The unit is cast with a single premium aluminum block for corrosion and rust proofing and the IPX4 waterproof rating protects the interior of the device.

The Ranvoo Heated Towel Rail is available for pre-order on Kickstarter where you can SAVE UP TO 38% off while they last!

Where to Buy the Ranvoo Heated Towel Rack

Ranvoo Heated Towel Rail
Ranvoo Heated Towel Rail
A Compact Rapid Drying, Energy-saving UV Towel Warmer
$129 $175

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