Heinz Packet Roller A New Device For 100% Ketchup Extraction


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The Condiment Extraction Tool That’s Going Viral – Meet The Heinz Packet Roller.

The Heinz Packet Roller is a device that helps you easily get every drop out of the ketchup packet and other condiments.

Shaped like a ketchup bottle, its use is intended to squeeze your condiment packets dry while being mess-free onto any burger, brat, or pile of fries.

Heinz Packet Roller Ketchup Extraction

The frustrating struggle with condiment packets is not being able to get every drop without making a mess squirting the person sitting across from you or dripping the condiment on your lap.

The outdated methods of condiment extraction simply are not feasible in this day and time. We deserve better.

The Heinz Ketchup roller is designed to be small enough to attach to your keychain so you can use it at your favorite restaurant or wherever you go.

To use the condiment squeezing device, simply slide the corner of your packet into the slicer next to the “lid” of the ketchup bottle.

Then insert the condiment packet closed end first into the roller, then twist the lid to roller your condiment dry.

Thanks to the Heinz Ketchup Packet Roller gone are the days of exploding ketchup packets and wasteful condiment use.

Ketchup Lovers around the world can now start rolling away their condiment cares on the HeinzPacketRoller website.

Where to Buy The Heinz Packet Roller

Heinz Packet Roller
Heinz Packet Roller
Just snip and roll to squeeze out every drop

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