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How you can Support Small Business Even in the Smallest Ways

Small businesses are privately owned corporations, partnerships, and individuals and these businesses pepper our national landscape as well as our local communities.  Small business owners work tremendously long days to survive and compete with the leviathans of big business.

Regardless, these often family owned businesses and sometimes just mom and pop shops strive to provide exceptional customer service and go out of there way because their reputation and possibly survival depends on it.

When you support small business, you are helping someone achieve or maintain their dreams.  Starting a small business before it gets off the ground involves many hours and effort that goes uncompensated.  There are no immediate rewards.

2020 to say the least, has had a devastating effect on small businesses in more ways than one.  Despite the challenge, many independent small business owners have been able to push through the pressure and losses to barely stay afloat.

As a small business ourselves, we at Beyond Box Gifts have committed ourselves to doing what we can to promote and support small businesses and ask for your help.

As we search for the most unique gift ideas online, we will be featuring small businesses in the offer box under each product every chance we get.  Sometimes, what we find is not offered by small businesses and we can’t.  However, if we find a small business offering we can use, we will feature it.

Many people have preferences as to where they buy from.  We get that and will continue to offer choices in each product description.  However, we ask that you at least click the links or ads of our featured small businesses and give them some traffic.  If you like what you see, and think you can trust them, go ahead and make the purchase.

We are working diligently to revamp our offers to put small business first.  Please be patient while we make this transition and move forward.

How to Support Small Business

There are many ways to support small businesses.  In addition to purchasing, spreading the word to friends and family, and commenting on their websites or social posts is a small but beneficial gesture.  You would also be surprised to know how much it means to simply like or share your favorite social posts. Below are some other ways to support small business through purchases you may not have though of.

6 ways to support small business

  1. Order food from restaurants that are locally owned in your area.
  2. Sign up for subscriptions instead of individual item purchases, when available.
  3. Find everyday needed items you can purchase from a local store or small business ecommerce site instead of the large department stores.
  4. Buying books from smaller sites.  There are many online bookstores you can use to support small business and many times these sites have already low prices or “like new” and “used” condition books at even lower prices.
  5. Purchase your every day Work From Home supplies from a small businesses rather than the large chain stores.
  6. Purchase gift cards when available if you are not sure what to buy from a small business for a gift.

Why Support Small Business

Small businesses are invested and committed to their success and your satisfaction as a customer.  Every transaction is precious to them and successful ones mean future business.   By supporting small businesses you are supporting communities all across the country.

So, when deciding where to spend your money, consider giving your hard-earned money to someone who can appreciate the effort you put into earning it.  Consider buying gifts, dinner for a friend, or everyday purchases from independent hard workers like yourself.

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