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His and Hers Duvet Set


Tug-A-War No More!  Ervet’s His and Hers Duvet Set Rids The Blanket Battle!

Introducing Ervet’s His and Hers Duvet Set.  The duvet set designed with the bed battling couple in mind.  Sleep in your own comfortable body wrap and never need to steal the covers again.

The easy pull apart magnetic inseam allows you to make you bed to that perfect look while claiming and improving your desired sleep conditions.  Select your comfort level by installing the proper warmth insert.

Don’t let the little things pull you apart!  This set makes a perfect wedding gift, home warming gift, or just go ahead and get one for yourself.

Where to Buy the Ervet’s Duvet Set

Ervet’s His and Hers Duvet Set
Ervet’s His and Hers Duvet Set
A two duvet bedding system designed so couples never wake up cold or coverless.
$99.00 $199.00
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