Homedics Drift Sandscape Etches Spellbinding Patterns


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Drift Carves Mind-Blowing Sandscapes Controlled by Your Phone!

The Homedics Drift sand table is a passive wellness device designed to enhance relaxation, boost your mood, increase focus, and inspire creativity.

The Drift kinetic sand tables have separated themselves from traditional sand tables by adding a magnet and metal ball component to draw the sandscapes automatically.

What sets this magnetic component apart from just magnetic child’s play is the ability to control your designs from your phone.

Through the iOS and Android compatible mobile app, you can control hundreds of intricate patterns, pulsating light colors, brightness, and speed that bring the Drift sand table to life.

The Drift is perfect for those moments when you are feeling anxious, stressed, or just want to quiet your mind.

Drift will draw you in over and over again, even if you just want to quiet your mind after a long day and just want a moment to be quiet.

Homedics Drift Kinetic Sand Table

Each indoor kinetic sand table makes a great centerpiece for your whole family and friends to enjoy.

Combine tech, wellness, and an artistic twist and use on a side table, coffee table, or desktop to feature this relaxing piece that comes in two sizes: a 16-inch table, or a 21-inch table.

Homedics Drift Kinetic Sand Table

Who knows, your pet may even be entertained watching the small metal ball carve amazing sandscapes!

Where to Buy the Homedics Drift Kinetic Sand Table

Drift 16 Inch Sandscape
Drift 16 Inch Sandscape
It's Time to Put Your Peace of Mind First!

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