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Hookey Ring Toss Game: A Ridiculously Fun Game To Play With Friends


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Hookey Ring Toss Game is a Fun Game to Play with Friends Inside when You’re Bored.

There is a reason ring toss games have been around for centuries, it’s because they are not easy to master and they are a ton of fun to play.

The Hookie Ring Toss Game will exponentially increase the party fun when a few cold ones have been introduced.

The Game of Rings was a popular game in 1950s Ireland.

Folks in households and pubs across the Emerald Isle challenged themselves to get the two-inch ring onto a small hook from several feet away.

In fact, the popularity of ring games in Ireland is still around, as you can see by the serious hardware of these champions.

The Hookey Ring Toss Game is a classic Australian game based on the Irish tradition.

The game is played on a wooden board with 13 hooks mounted on it.  6 red rings and 6 black rings are supplied.

The game is similar to the dart games seen in bars, offices, and households across the country.

Unlike the game of darts, the Hookey Ring Toss Game has no risk of holes in your wall, or furniture, or injuring innocent or intoxicated bystanders.

Hookey Ring Toss Game Rules

The rules of the Hookey Ring Toss game are simple.

The hooks are numbered 1 through 13, and each player receives the number of points indicated on the board when a ring is hooked.

For children under 9 years of age, the board should be near 55″ in height and the ring tossed from 60″ away.

For adults and children over 9, the board should be near 60″ in height and the ring tossed from 70″ away.

The person who gets to the predetermined total score first wins.  Aside from the simple version of this game, there are endless variations.

You can make up any game for yourselves by following these simple principles, similar to various ways to play darts.

The game comes with easy-to-follow guidelines for kids or intoxicated adults, who may have a more difficult time comprehending more complex instructions.

Increase the difficulty based on smaller board sizes or by stepping farther from the board.

The Hookey Ring Toss game comes in the classic 12″ board, the giant 20″ board, or you can opt for the elite Hookey Ring Toss game that is only 8″ in diameter.

Other Ring Toss Games To Try

Besides the Hookey Ring Toss Game, there are other fun games to play with friends inside your home or bar.

Just in case The Hookey Ring Toss Game hasn’t caught your interest, maybe the following games will tickle your fancy.

The Tiki Toss Hook & Ring Game has a surfboard and beach-themed design with a rod that holds the ring away from the board and hook.

The object of this hook & ring game is to swing the ring toward the board and latch it onto the hook.

If you are not a beach bum or that is not the look you are going for, check out the football version of the hook & ring game.

If hooks and rings are not your forte and you are more into playing the ponies, check out our previous post on this awesome Maple Wood Horse Racing game.

Where to Buy the Hookey Ring Toss Game

Hookey Ring Toss Game
Hookey Ring Toss Game

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