Hot Ones Truth Or Dab The Game Roasts Friends In More Ways Than One


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Turn Up the Heat and Burn Some Bridges with the Hot One’s Truth Or Dab Card Game!

Hot Ones Truth Or Dab The Game will put everyone on the hot seat to answer some rather uncomfortable questions.

You don’t have to reveal any personally revealing secrets if you can take the heat!

Each play potentially makes the truth hard to resist as you level up to the 10/10 heat level reaching up to 2,000,000 Scovilles.

Hot Ones Truth Or Dab The Game

The Hot One’s Truth or Dab card game consists of 150 truth cards, 34 roast cards, 25 pop quiz cards, 10 BFF trivia cards, and 31 one-up cards, plus 8 spoons and 50mL of the Last Dab hot sauce.

The Challenge You Face…

The Hot Ones Truth or Dab The game questions are on “truth or dare” style playing cards divided into four categories.

The Truth cards are designed to pit players against each other.

Face questions such as, “Who in this room would be the last one you would pick for a one-on-one chill?”

Answer the question or face the heat!

Hot Ones Truth Or Dab The Game

The Roast Cards are designed to make you choose between a quick dab of the fire sauce or the embarrassment of your friends roasting you.

Hot Ones Truth or Dab The Game pop-quiz cards test your basic knowledge.  Get an answer wrong, and your tongue goes nuclear.

It’s basically “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” with torture dangling over your head for one mistake.

The last set of cards is potentially the most lethal.  The BFF Trivia Cards test your basic knowledge of those you claim to care about.

This section of the game may cause you to lose your taste buds and 3 to 6 of your friends.  We like to call it the Bonus Round.

Hot Ones Truth Or Dab The Game

Tell the Truth or Else…

Our advice is, to tell the truth, while playing Hot One Truth or Dab Game, so you can still enjoy the taste of food tomorrow.

Where to Buy the Hot Ones Truth Or Dab The Game

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