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Wondering How Much Does Skydiving Cost? Save Up To 33%


If you are wondering how much does skydiving cost, we brake it down for the most popular locations.

Before we dive into how much does skydiving cost in specific areas, skydiving can have a very wide range of pricing.  A good national average is about $300 per person.  However, your skydiving experience level and other variables can play into the cost of skydiving.  In addition to your experience level, costs of skydiving can be affected by how far ahead you plan your adventure, how many people are in your group, and how high you want to jump from.

You may have known a general figure to answer the question how much does skydiving cost.  So, we are going to narrow it down for you to get more specific numbers for you.  For the purpose of this article, we will assume you are an inexperienced skydiver, since your not sure of the costs involved and you have time to plan your adrenaline filled undertaking.

Like any other vacation or trip, the cost of skydiving can also vary based on location.  So, in an effort to give you the most precise pricing estimate, our friends at helped us narrow the pricing by the most commonly searched for areas.

Lucky for you and maybe for us (if we get brave enough), we have also found some good savings.  However, I still have not found an answer to why anyone should jump out of an airplane that is flying perfectly fine.

So, while I am still searching for that answer, let’s get to why you came here.  Below we list the most searched for areas for skydiving, the pricing, and what you can get for that price.  Don’t worry we didn’t forget about the savings.

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How Much Does Skydiving Cost in Arizona?

There are not many ways to beat the Arizona “dry heat,” but falling at 32 ft per second squared.  There are several options in Arizona to choose from.  If you prefer the city skyline, you can jump from 10,000 feet and land 40 minutes from downtown Phoenix at the local airport.  This package runs $249.00.

If it’s more of a nature venture you are looking for, you can opt for the Grand Canyon skydiving package that will give you a panoramic view of the Grand Canyon South Rim.  The drop adds 5,000 feet, for a total of 15,000 ft, and majestic view.  You will only pay $249.00 for the addition.

So, whether your get your kicks jumping over high rises or falling towards rock faces you can check out all of Adrenaline’s Arizona Skydiving packages by clicking here.

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How Much Does Skydiving Cost in Las Vegas?

Skydiving in Las Vegas offers four differing packages ranging from $75 – $299.  Currently, you can save on three of them.  Save 20% on a jump from 12,500 ft.

Save 28% off of the 10,000 jump, or you can save $100 bucks off of the Boulder City jump from $12,500 ft where you can enjoy views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Valley of Fire and the Vegas Strip.  If you are going to be in Sin City and want more information you can click here.

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How Much Does Skydiving Cost in Michigan?

If your up for skydiving in the Great Lakes State, several packages are available.  You can drop into Tecumseh, Michigan from 14,000 or 18,000 ft with pricing of $255 and $350 respectively.

The Detroit, Michigan area offers 3 ventures.  The North Detroit jump is from 13,000 feet for $239.  If you want to jump near the Maple Grove Airport you will come in bit cheaper at $220.

The oven mit state also provides sky falling in Harbor Springs.  If you are a fan of the Upper Peninsula, this is the dive for you.  A 35 second free fall near the meeting point of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron and beautiful scenery will be an experience not soon forgotten.  The cost of skydiving at this site is $249.

To find all of Adrenaline’s Michigan Skydiving endeavors click here.

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How Much Does Skydiving Cost in NY?

If hurling toward the earth at 124 MPH is just a tad much for you, or if you have little ones you want to blame it on, we have something for you too (and the little ones 😉 too).  For those who want a safer, and honestly a more sane experience, go to Yonkers, New York for an indoor skydiving experience.

Just close your eyes and your escapade is indistinguishable from an 11,000 foot drop.  In addition, you will get two flights instead of one.  The cost for the indoor skydiving is $89.95.  If you are all for the thrill and none for the risk, click here for more details.

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How Much Does Skydiving Cost in Ohio?

Skydiving in Ohio offers a magnificent view of another Great Lake called Lake Erie where you will drop from 13,000 ft.  They also offer indoor skydiving in Cincinnati, Ohio, and  a 10,000 jump in Canton Ohio.  Maybe you can talk them into landing in an air duct of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and get a free tour.

These jumps range from $67 in Cincinnati to $239 in Cleveland.  If you are planning a trip soon, you can pay $209 for the Cleveland dive.  Get the particulars by clicking here.

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How Much Does Skydiving Cost in PA?

The Keystone State has two available skydiving experiences.  One Philadelphia, PA experience offers two indoor flights for $76.  If Steeler country is your preferred locale it will run you around $239 per person.  You can find all about them by clicking here.  Excuse the two football references in a row.  Can you tell I am exited for football season?

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How Much Does Skydiving Cost in Texas?

Last, but certainly, not least, is the Lone Star state of Texas.  Texas offers many free fall flings to include Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Marco, and San Antonio.  They offer both indoor and outdoor jumps.

Outdoor jumps range from 14,000 ft down to 10,000 feet.  Pricing ranges from $75 – $309.  If you want to go big or go home, details on the Texas adventures can be found by clicking here.


All packages include equipment, training, and some may take half a day or more.  All you have to bring is comfortable clothing, lots of spunk, and maybe a change of underpants.

Hopefully, we have brought a little more clarity to the question “how much does skydiving cost?”  No matter which location you choose, it will surely be an outdoors adventure you won’t forget!

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