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These Fire Pit Skulls Will Horrify Your Guests At Your Next Get Together


The Fire Pit Skulls from Regal Flame are a Sure Fire way to Make those Crisp Evenings in the Backyard a bit more Chilling.

These Fire Pit Skulls, oddly enough, bring a little life to your backyard fire pit, especially if you like to decorate for Halloween.  The ceramic fire pit skull logs are individually hand made making each one ominously unique.

Burning of the dead as a common pagan ritual that goes back further than 1000 B.C. when the ancient Greeks and Romans put it to practice.  It is believed the Greeks adapted this end of life practice from a northern culture as a means to gather deceased soldiers and transport their remains to the homeland for a ceremonial burial.

Lucky for you, it’s back in style, only this time there is no killing required!  The Fire Pit Skulls are crafted from formulated glass light weight ceramic fiber reinforced concrete.

The material forms a a high strength material at a fraction of the weight of concrete.Don’t forget to stoke the fires!

Check out our post on the Fire Dragon Blow or Poke Fire StokerThe Fire Pit Skulls are weather resistant, fire retardant, impermeable, and has superior durability in outdoor applications.

The spookiest aspect is that each one is individually handcrafted which making it look like your burning remains of several individualistic human skulls in your fire pit.

These Fire Pit Skulls are perfect for all fireplaces; NG, LP Wood Fireplace, Firepit, Campfire, Halloween Decor, Barbecue fireplaces or just decorative use.  The more you burn the human skulls the creepier they get as soot builds up on them to enhance the realism.

To enhance the look toss in a packet of the Ultimate Flames to add some eerily colorful dancing flames!

Where to Buy the Fire Pit Skulls

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