Realistic Human Mouth Coin Purse Is Beyond The Freaky Line


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This Human Mouth Coin Purse Goes Past Freaky and Enters Bizarro World.

The internet never ceases to disappoint when it comes to new information, technology, and viral posts.

Sometimes, the cyber finds get extremely bizarre, and the human mouth coin purse doesn’t fall short of that.

The strikingly realistic human mouth coin purse comes complete with beard stubble, soft lips, and even true-to-life teeth and gums.

Human Mouth Coin Purse
Human Mouth Coin Purse

Beyond its realistic human-like features, the malleable lips and jaw open like an actual mouth!

The realistic human mouth opens to fresh, wet-looking inner gums and… a coin holder?

The teeth display shocking details in an off-white color and slight crookedness.

The Japanese eccentric unveiled his coin purse creation, on June 1st, on Twitter to his fans.  Instantly, the coin purse wallet went viral, with over 14 million views at the time we posted this.

The artist refuses to reveal the materials it is made of, leaving wondering minds to wander.

The artist currently has no plans to commercialize the bizarre coin purse, but you can bet it would take more coins than it can hold to purchase it.

The conceptual coin purse was designed by Japanese music producer and amateur artist Shishido Mazafaka, AKA DJ ‘Doooo,’ who also invented the human finger stamp.

Human Finger Stamp
Human Finger Stamp

His other inventions include his initial human flesh tech hybrid called Panic. It’s a flesh-covered music track sequencing workstation.  He also created a flesh-covered USB plug and a cell phone cover, among many others.

Shishido Mazafaka Dj Doooo Flesh Accessories

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