Human Organ Transport Lunch Box Scares Off The Brunch Bandits


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No One will want to Steal the Contents of this Human Organ Transport Lunch Box.

The fear of discovering a live human organ is enough to stave off sticky fingers at work or school.

The Human Organ Transport lunch tote will protect your roast beef sandwich and keep your drink cold and ready to transport down your gullet.

Each lunch box is constructed with foam insulation, a mesh pocket, and an organ ID tag.

The Human Organ Transport Lunch Box will keep your lunch alive during any transport.

So, whether you are packing snacks or a meal, your food will be safe.

Do we really need disclosure to state that you should not transport human organs in this lunch tote?

Well, we think our readers are much too smart for that.  But, if you insist, here is a disclosure… Don’t Be An Idiot!

Where to Buy the Human Organ Transplant Lunch Box

Emt Emergency Meal Transport Lunch Bag
EMT Emergency Meal Transport Lunch Bag

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