This Human Skull Salt And Pepper Shaker Set Is Spine Chilling


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The Human Skull Salt and Pepper Shaker Set will add a Pinch of Panic to your Kitchen Decor!

Or, it will just scare the hell out of any unsuspecting seasoner.   The seriously realistic Human Skull Salt and Pepper set will have your guest second-guessing where you source your seasoning.

The skull salt and pepper holder 5 inches by 7 1/4 inches by 5 3/4 inches high and weighs just 1.5 lbs.

Each human skull condiment holder is handcrafted art that is also painted and polished by hand.

The salt and pepper set comes complete with a realistic human skull and two glass shakers.

Your ghoulish guests will be talking about your human skull salt and pepper shaker holder and gothic kitchen decor well after their visit.

Where to Buy the Human Skull Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

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