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The Hydro-Powered Sink Spinner Rinses Dirty Sink Cares Away


Sink Spinner will keep that Mucky Layer of your Sink Washed Away!

The best inventions are simple, yet make our lives much easier.  The Sink Spinner is an easily installed sink attachment that powers itself through your water supply.

While brushing teeth, shaving, or washing dishes, the spinning faucet head helps keep your sink clean.

Toothpaste, shaving cream, hair, and make up can build over time to extra layers as hard as drywall, if left.

The spiraling spigot will revolutionize night or morning routines by automatically rinsing that mess for you.

Now you can easily go about your day not having to worry about the mess that awaits you.

The swiveling spout is a quick and simple addition to your sink that will save time, reduce stress, and is fun for younger children.

The economic faucet slows the flow of water saving you up to one gallon of water per one minute of use.

You can even use the hydro powered spinneing spigot for dishes in your kitchen sink to wash away loose grits and gravy!

The customizable skins let you pick everyone’s favorite color, theme, and more!

Where to Buy the Sink Spinner

Sink Spinner
Sink Spinner

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