Hyper Chiller Iced Coffee Maker Instantly Chills Your Java


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The Hyper Chiller Iced Coffee Maker is the Easiest, Most Efficient Way to Chill Your Favorite Drink with no Dilution.

The Hyper Chiller Iced Coffee Maker will have your java or any other favorite drink chilled in less than a minute.  No more cups of commercial coffee that cost more than a gallon of gas.

The Hyper Chiller V2 Iced Coffee Maker has an improved, deeper lid, making it easier to pour your drink into, and improvements to reduce ice melt that would drip from the old lid.

Hyper Chiller Iced Coffee Maker

When you pull the Hyper Chiller from the freezer, you’ll harness the power of multi-chambered chilling, equivalent to 30 large ice cubes.

Hyper Chiller Iced Coffee Maker

Brew your coffee from any device dropping your Joe into the double-walled, multi-chamber ice chiller for near-instant gratification.

Hyper Chiller Iced Coffee Maker

The stainless steel-sealed ice chambers prevent dilution, so your favorite drink gets cold while preserving the flavor.

Hyper Chiller Iced Coffee Maker

Hyper Chiller Iced Coffee Maker isn’t just for your tawny brew, you can chill wine, whiskey, tea, or any other drink just the same.

HyperChiller Instructions

  1. Fill the small inner stainless steel cup with water and twist the cup to the lid.
  2. Fill the large stainless cup with water to the indented mark and empty it into the black HyperChiller cup.
  3. Twist the empty large cup onto the lid.
  4. Twist the black HyperChiller cup to the lid
  5. Freeze water contents.
  6. Brew your coffee or pour any other preferred drink directly into the top of the HyperChiller.
  7. Gently swirl the drink inside the cup for approximately 60 seconds to chill.
  8. Wine, whiskey, and other room-temperature drinks take approximately 30 seconds to chill.

Where to buy the Hyper Chiller Iced Coffee Maker

Hyperchiller V2 Iced Coffee Maker
HyperChiller V2 Iced Coffee Maker

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