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Hyperscrub’s Dog Paw Cleaner Cleans Where You Can’t


Hyperscrub's dog paw cleaner is the world's first medical grade cleaner. It keeps the dirt, grime, and contaminants off of your pet's paws.

Imagine having to walk around barefoot in a dog park!  I don't want to because I hate feet and dirty feet that much more!  The build up can come pretty quickly and even be unnoticeable to a point.  No Worries! Hyperscrub's dog paw cleaner can maintain a healthy paw in minutes and keep your pets happier and healthier.

The build up can expose Rover to the risk of salt burn, bacterial infections and inflammation, allergic reactions. Even skin diseases.  A two minute scrubbing eliminates the risk by thoroughly cleaning dirt, germs, and bacteria from hard to get to voids in the paw. Dr. Robert Plummer and his son Bobby Jr designed the fine toothed microfiber hairs after instruments used by Bobby Sr in the operating room.  There are other paw scrubbers our there but none can compare to the results.


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