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N-Range In Car Cell Phone Signal Booster By Surecall


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The In Car Cell Phone Signal Booster Keeps You Connected

Do you live in a remote area, travel long distances, or frequent the back country off road?  Boost Your Mobile Coverage Area With This N-Range in Car Cell Phone Signal Booster From SureCall.

The in car cell phone signal booster will extend the signal of any North American carrier in any environment.  Extended Range Technology captures the signal outside of your vehicle, strengthens it to overcome signal loss.

Then, it sends that signal to a magnetic air vented phone mount inside your vehicle. In 3 easy install steps, enjoy less dropped or missed calls & texts, improved streaming GPS signal, and improved cellular data speeds.

Improve your signal in large downtown areas, while four wheeling, traversing remote areas, or in dead spots on your daily drive.

Where to Buy the N-Range In Car Cell Phone Signal Booster

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Here is what one helpful review had to say:

“The booster kit gave me good/useable signal in locations were my signal is usually weak. I work/drive in remote areas and could see a very noticeable difference in my signal strength. My phone went from zero bars to 2-3 bars. I can place calls in areas where I’d drop them before (or where the call quality was very poor).

The booster kit gave me good, strong signals in locations where the signal is usually weak. I travel a lot, particularly in the Mountain States, and there are many areas, even along interstates, where the signal would fade completely, and even in those areas I got great reception.

I rely heavily on the GPS in my phone, so it is frustrating when you lose signal; this is no longer a problem—I now have 2 – 3 bars of consistent signal…” – JohnElv

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