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This Kitchen Compost Bin Fertilizes Twice As Fast As Conventional Methods


The All Seasons Kitchen Compost Bin Composts Food Scraps in Less Than Half the Time of Traditional Western Processes.

All Seasons kitchen compost bins use the Japanese horticulture method called bokashi which has the upper hand on traditional decomposition composting methods.  First, the food waste is rapidly fermented by a specialized bacteria.  Second, the fermented product can be immediately used to feed your plants or garden, without further maturation required by conventional composting.  Third, the fluid build up provides a nutrient rich liquid that acts as fertilizer for plants and gardens.  Last, but certainly not least, the Japanese Bokashi method is odorless, so your kitchen won’t smell like a trash can laying open in the Arizona summer.

Bokashi can boost beneficial microbes in the garden - Mail Tribune

March 9, 2020 - Mail Tribune

In the early 1980s, a horticulture professor named Teruo Higa introduced a process for fermenting food waste that became known as bokashi...

How to use the Kitchen Compost Bin

The indoor compost bin by All Seasons is a 5 gallon food waste container that easily and neatly sits under your kitchen sink.  The air tight lid creates optimal fermentation conditions, at the same time, eliminating odor and fly attraction.

The inner plastic plate of the kitchen compost bin separates the food from the liquid plastic waste that accumulates at the bottom of the bucket during the fermentation process.  The lower spigot conveniently drains the liquid to be repurposed for fertilizer.

Once the kitchen compost bin is full and the fermentation process from the added micro organisms begins your compost will be ready in 10 short days.  Once planted, the compost converts to an abundantly nutritious top soil.

Each kitchen compost bin comes with a 2.2 lbs bag of bokashi composting accelerator.  Two bins are recommended if you prefer to keep a running compost system ready without the 10 day delay.

Where to Buy the All Seasons Kitchen Compost Bin

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