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Gardyn Indoor Smart Garden System With Automated Hydroponic System Grows 30 Plants


The Gardyn Home Indoor Smart Garden System has a WIFI Integration that Remotely Controls Growing Produce.

The home indoor smart garden enables you to grow an abundance of fruits, vegetables, herbs or even flowers all in one space saving hydroponic system kit.  Grow what you need winter, summer, spring, or fall your produce will always be in season.

In addition to receiving the indoor smart garden system, you will receive 30 “yCubes” that include organic, non-GMO, seeds sourced from small farms in the USA.  You can continue the seed shipment through a non-required membership or plant your own seeds in 30 different pods to grow your favorites.

The space saving garden takes up very little space at approximately 2 feet wide, 1 foot in depth and about 5 feet tall and it is fitted with LED lights to maximize your produce growth.  Once you pair your indoor smart garden with WIFI, use your mobile app where Kelby will be your AI assistant letting you know when your plants need water or light.

Going on vacation? Don’t fret!  The automated hydroponic system will monitor the growth of your plants and determine whether they need more or less water to ensure your plants stay healthy in your absence.  They app also provides tips on on lighting schedules, alerts on water levels, how to harvest and take care of the plants.

Grow lettuce, kale, butterhead, arugula, green rosemary, cilantro, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, and more in your home indoor smart garden.  Your produce will stay fresh longer and there is no pressure to harvest immediately.

If you are tired of bland produce from the store and have a desire for home grown fruits and vegetables that taste as they should, you will love the Gardyn Indoor Smart Garden.

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  1. I ordered my Gardyn last week and it showed up in a few days. Just as a heads up to others thinking about purchasing, Gardyn arrives in two boxes but that is all you need since the plant seed pods are included in the shipment. Also, it does require WiFi to connect the device with Gardyn’s mobile app.Setting up the device was easy enough, it didn’t take me long at all (Thank you to the Gardyn customer support rep who helped me pair the device with my WiFi!). The device is more compact than I expected. It’s about two feet wide, a foot in depth, and a bit over five feet tall. It fits nicely into the nook between my fridge and pantry. I love the way it looks, especially with the LED lights turned on and the fresh vegetables growing.Inserting the seed cubes is about as simple as sticking a plug into an electrical outlet. I’ve started out growing kale, butterhead, arugula, green rosemary, cilantro, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, and jalapenos. It seems like about 10 times a day I’m going into the kitchen just to glance over my Gardyn and check for sprouts. At this point it’s only been a couple of days since planting and I’m already seeing some baby sprouts popping out!! I feel like a kid again waiting for my plants to grow.The Gardyn app sort of runs the show behind the scenes to take away the guesswork. I have no gardening experience so it is helpful that the app has a growing assistant named Kelby. It offers tips on lighting schedules, alerts on water levels, how to harvest and take care of the plants. Having a Gardyn has been very positive so far. I will come back and update this after I have my first harvest and let you know what the food tastes like.

  2. I purchased a Gardyn system from their website. The first picture is what my Gardyn looks like after about 25 days. It has many good features and a one bad flaw.I’ll start with the negative first. My main issue is the water sensor doesn’t work properly. When I first set up the Gardyn, it didn’t register any water at all. I email customer service and they said it was a software issue. Later I accidentally dropped the small wooden cover for filling it with water on to the top of the tank, maybe a 12 inch drop, the water sensor started working but it’s proven to be very inaccurate. So obviously its more than a software issue.The Gardyn digital assistant “Kelby” is ok. It handles the light and watering schedule. You can manually set your own schedule. You get a 30 day trial of Kelby. When you pair the Gardyn app with you WiFi and phone/tablet, it can be temperamental at first. After 3 tries, I discovered I had to set my phone on top of the Gardyn system before the app, phone and WiFi could connect. It takes it a little while, but just leave it alone until it connects. Once connected, it stays connected.They offer a subscription which is about $30 on a monthly plan. It includes Kelby and 10 plant cubes per month. If you purchase a one or two year plan, you do get a bit of a discount.It takes up very little space. It’s very attractive once the plants start filling in. I’ve sampled a few of the plants to see if they tasted right. No concerns, everything tasted like it should on the leafy vegetables. My tomatoes and peppers haven’t produced fruit yet, so I cannot comment on them.The Gardyn comes with 30 starter plant cubes, plant food, a rubber sleeve to move plants without spilling water and some caps to cover unused planting spaces.You can buy the Gardyn and go it on your own without a subscription. You can control the light and watering schedule manually via the app. You will just need to supply your own plants & plant food. Per a company representative, they will soon offer replacement parts and it does have a warranty.Overall, I’m pleased with the Gardyn system. The price is comparable to systems offered by other companies. Since it’s grown indoors, there is no need for pesticides and the local wildlife cannot devour your plants.

  3. Great product. What sold me was the awesome customer service. I have purchased additional units for family as gifts.

  4. I set my system up July 1, 2020. So its been about 2 1/2 months. I had some struggles with seeds starting initially, but as you can see its full jungle mode. I have given a lot of salad and herbs away to friends and neighbors. Many of these plants are from the initial 30 that came with the system. I don’t have the membership because it seemed too excessive to get every month.

  5. I purchased Gardyn because I’m not a gardener but wanted an indoor garden for fresh food this winter. I researched several hydroponic gardening systems and after reading reviews, Gardyn was a no brainer. I also ended up signing up for the membership in the app too because I wanted Kelby to grow my Gardyn for me – it tells me exactly what I need to do and when to do it.I had a minor hiccup when creating my account, but I got a response from their customer service team within the hour. I was impressed by how responsive they were. Overall, the setup was simple. I did it by myself and it took me about 45 min from start to finish.It grows a lot more than I expected, 30 plants at once (which came free with my order), and it grows fast. I made my first salad just 3 weeks after I set it up! I’m still on my first round of plants but get 10/month with my membership. I have also been pleasantly surprised how long the plants stay fresh – there is no pressure to eat them as soon as they’ve grown. I’m never buying lettuce at the grocery to let it rot in my fridge again!It also looks great in my house. It is truly a piece of art and I find myself “checking on it” every time I enter my kitchen. My kids (2 and 5) also love it – it is no doubt a boost to my family’s mental health. And bonus – so far my 80lb dog has not been interested in it!100% worth the money and buying another for my parents.

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