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Aquio Double-Walled Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle Bluetooth Speaker By iHome

This innovative BPA free insulated water bottle bluetooth speaker keeps drinks cold or hot for hours.  The stainless steel construction keeps any drink cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours.  The speaker is waterproof and sand proof, so you can enjoy it by the pool or on the beach!  These swank water bottles will hydrate your body while the bluetooth speaker hydrates your spirits.  The insulated water bottle comes complete with a convenient carry loop that can hook a finger or be attached to your backpack.

The unit unscrews, so you can take your water bottle with you while leaving the multi-directional speaker stationary.  Control the sound by the source device of your streaming music.  Got a call?  All is well!  Answer the call and talk through the supplied mic like your on speaker phone.  The smart water bottles come in varying colors of Blush, Sea Foam, Merlot, or Midnight Black making them the perfect unique gift for anyone on any adventure.

Here is what one helpful reviewer had to say:

“I like the sound from this water bottle/speaker. It’s very clear and surprisingly has super high quality and intense sound for such a small speaker. I actually wish it would go a little lower in sound, the lowest setting is pretty loud. The bluetooth is super easy to connect to my phone, if I already have bluetooth on my phone, when I turn the speaker on it automatically connects.

Unfortunately, there’s no volume buttons on the speaker, you have to change the volume on whatever device you’re using. I don’t really use both of them together, only because it’s so big with the speaker and the bottle screwed together. The bottom of the speaker unscrews so if you’re using the water bottle by itself, it will make it more stable. I use the water bottle everyday, that’s how much I like it. It’s the perfect size for my purse, definitely on the smaller size. It keeps hot/cold for a good amount of time, a few hours.” – Smartly Created, LLC


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  1. This is a combination between a metal insulated water bottle and a bluetooth speaker. Yes, apparently someone decided that they needed both a speaker and a water bottle all in one. Usually you would have a set of headphones for working out, but if you don’t want anything on your head (and don’t mind people hearing what you are listening to), you can combine a speaker with your hydration source. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.The water bottle is solid, and it does come with a thick rope integrated into the top for hanging or holding onto. One of the drawbacks of this device is that having the speaker attached makes the bottle look like it holds a lot more fluid than it actually does. You will see the change when you remove the speaker. It really does not have a lot of space for liquids and I would probably use more than what is in the bottle when I work out.You can remove the speaker if you don’t want to keep it attached. The speaker unscrews from the bottle and the base. The speaker itself is very loud, and the sound seems to be multi-directional. A major omission is the lack of an on-device volume control. You would need to have access to the audio source to adjust the volume. The speaker also has a mic so that you can use it to answer calls from your phone when you are using it. That is not a bad feature.To me, the small size of the fluid container and the lack of on-device volume control really take down what could be a somewhat useful device. It works, and it works well enough, but every speaker should have volume control. If this is something that you are looking for it may be okay.

  2. If you look at this for what it really is, a novelty item, then it really delivers.Yes, I some people have pointed out, there is no way to control the volume on the speaker itself. However, you can control the volume of the music through whatever device you have linked it to. For example, you can lower the volume on your phone so that the volume level that is coming out of the speaker matches whatever volume level you desire. Some of these reviewers make it sound as if the volume is fixed. It is not. You can control it. You just won’t have a nice knob on the speaker itself to do it.The sound quality is excellent given the size of the speaker. I don’t know why some people criticize it. Perhaps they are expecting a booming sound and a tremendous Bass.Have realistic expectations and I think most people will be surprised by the sound quality.The thermal qualities are quite excellent. Cold things they cold, and hot things stay hot.This device isn’t a hundred percent perfect, but if you are looking for something that will make some people say wow, then this is a fun little Gadget.

  3. The sounds quality is just as good as any other Bluetooth speaker and it keeps my water cold for hours

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