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Bolt Action Pen Made of Jack Daniels Barrel Wood

The Jack Daniels Barrel Wood Bolt Action Pen is the Ultimate Pen for any Jack Daniel’s Fan or Gun Enthusiast!

Creativity reaches its peak when you combine alcohol, bullets, and the literary arts!  This handcrafted barrel wood bolt action pen is made with genuine used Jack Daniel’s barrel white oak.

To amp up the awesomeness, this bullet pen comes complete in a miniature rifle case.  The pen’s are hand turned and sanded.  The pens come in varying finishes; Gun Metal and Gold.

The true bolt action handle smoothly engages and retracts the Parker Style refill in the appropriate position.  The bottom of the bullet pen is styled in the fashion of a .30 caliber bullet.

Be cautious not to walk past any Jack Daniel loyalist, hunter, or gun aficionado with this pen in view, as it may cause whiplash injuries.

Each pen comes with: -Certificate of Authenticity -Rifle Case Pen Box -Actual piece of the barrel wood your pen was made from. It’s so genuine you can still smell the whiskey.

They also make a bolt action pen from the whiskey barrel of Maker’s Mark that we have also provided a link to below.

Where to Buy The Handmade Jack Daniels Barrel Wood Bolt Action Pen

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