Powerful Sharp Barebones Japanese Nata Tool Makes Outdoor Chopping Easy!


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This Japanese Nata Tool Provides Versatile Usage for any Outdoor Necessity!

Inspired by traditional style Nata blades, this sharp Japanese Nata Tool from Barebones is perfect for any outdoor challenge you may be faced with.

Whether you’re chopping branches or vines, or perhaps using the Nata as your camp knife- no task will go unfinished!

What is a Japanese Nata?

A traditional Japanese Nata (translated as portable hatchet) is a commonly used outdoor tool for cutting trees and branches, gardening, or chopping firewood.

What Is Barebones Japanese Nata Tool

This Japanese Nata-style machete from Barebones is the perfect blade for any of your outdoor needs.

What are the Features of this Barebones Japanese Nata?

This Japanese Nata-styled machete is a highly durable, 12 inch stainless steel blade and a solid steel core that extends through the neatly crafted hardwood handle.

The steel core of the full tang machete helps to better stabilize your grip when it comes to chopping or anything else you need to complete your outdoor tasks.

What Are The Features Of This Barebones Japanese Nata? 

Additionally, this Barebones Japanese Nata Tool includes a protective polyester sheath in order to store away your blade whenever you aren’t using it.

You can also holster your blade at your side with the sheath’s included metal belt clip.

If you think the Japanese Nata Tool is a bit too much for your purposes.  Check out the multi-purpose  Barebones gardening knife here:

Barebones Hori Hori Knife Is The Ultimate Gardening Tool

The Japanese Hori Hori knife easily cuts weeds and roots, pulls transplants, removes plants, cuts sod, and splits perennials. 

How do I Sharpen my Japanese Nata Tool?

You may be wondering how to sharpen your Barebones Japanese Nata Tool, should it ever need sharpened.

How To Sharpen A Japanese Nata? 

Here are some helpful tips we’ve come across in order to maintain that perfect edge on your Japanese Nata.

  1. Be sure to use a wet or watered stone. Soak for at least 5 minutes before use.
  2. Use your fingertips to maintain contact with the blade, and the stone.
  3. Move the blade across the stone at a diagonal angle, with the edge parallel to the stone
  4. It’s advised that for every 10 times you move the blade across the stone on its beveled side, you should move the blade across the stone 3 times on its flat side.

What are the Specifications for the Japanese Nata Tool?

The specs for the Barebones Japanese Nata Tool are as follows:

  • 19.5″ in (L) x .75″ in (W) x 2 in” (H)
  • 2.25 pounds
  • Hardwood Walnut Handle
  • 3CR13 Stainless Steel Blade
  • Full Stainless Steel Tang
  • Reinforced Heavy Duty Rivets
  • Copper-Finished Snap Closure
  • 900D Polyester Sheath with Full-Grain Leather Accents

Barebones Living Japanese Nata Tool Specs

Get your own Japanese Nata Tool on Barebones’ website through our links below or buy one for a bush pal!

Most Helpful Barebones Japanese Nata Tool Reviews

Ben H. – Great little tool.

I keep a machete on my Kubota tractor to take out limbs that get in the way. I bought a cheap one from the local farm store and after only a couple of uses, the blade was damaged badly. I don’t see
that happening with this bad boy. It has a good amount of weight and the blade is thick and sharp enough to cut through some pretty decent size limbs in one swing. I cut through 20-30 tree limbs the first day I got it and it doesn’t even look used. It’s pretty bad a.. in my book.

Mark T. – Definitely a keeper

Being a Master Technician I spend thousands every year on tools and equipment so my expectations are usually very high. This amazing piece definitely lived up to what I was hoping it would be.

Where to Buy the Barebones Japanese Nata Tool

Japanese Nata Tool
Japanese Nata Tool
Clear brush, strip bark, plank wood, make kindling–all with one thoughtfully-crafted tool.

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