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JBuds Frames Wireless Audio Open-Earbuds For Your Eyewear


JBuds Frames Wireless Audio Speakers with a Wireless Experience that Clip Onto Your Sunglasses or Prescription Eyewear.

JBuds Frames  are two independent Bluetooth audio devices that allow you the enjoyment of open ear listening.  Unlike bone conduction technology, these clip-on Bluetooth speakers project sound downward over each ear.

You will have full control over any desired audio and have access to your Smart Assistant at the touch of a button.  Sound customization comes through JLab’s signature sound setting or Bass Boost.

JBuds Frames wireless audio enhance environmental awareness to maintain the ability to interact and react to one’s surroundings.

You heard that right! The open-earbuds will keep even walking phone zombies from becoming completely immersed in their virtual worlds and oblivious to their surroundings.  At least someone is looking out for these poor creatures.

From a full charge you’ll get 8+ hours of incredibly crystal clear sound.  You can dual connect the bluetooth open ear buds to use them together or individually connect for single use.  Each clip on is equipped with MEMS mic for voice communications.

The set comes with a magnetic charging pin cable and two clips per audio device for securing them to your eyewear.  The JBuds Frames also work great while gaming and wearing your favorite blue light blocking eyewear.

To ensure universal fit regardless of your style, the wireless speakers come with silicone sleeves for the clip ons to ensure snug security.

The eyeglass mounted Bluetooth audio clip-ons are an affordable alternative to the higher end Bose Frames audio sunglasses that will set you back about $250 and they are expected to be in high demand.

They are set for release in the spring of 2021.  You will be able to find the JBuds audio devices at  or below through our search links.  We have made it so easy even the phone zombies can find them!

Where to Buy JBuds Frames Wireless Audio Open-Ear Speakers

Enjoy music, calls or podcasts with 8+ hours of playtime.

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