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Just Mobile ShutterGrip 2 Converts Your Phone To An On The Fly Camera


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Just Mobile ShutterGrip 2 Is a Single Handed Smartphone Grip With A Remote Bluetooth Button to Catch any Pic, Anywhere, Anytime

The ShutterGrip 2.0 gives you a DSLR camera grip to live stream or capture video and take a snapshot with a firm grip, regardless of the difficulty of the shot.

Armed with just a camera phone pics are occasionally just a snap away.  But, camera phones can be clumsy, easily dropped, and sometimes tedious to set up for the right frame.

What makes the ShutterGrip 2 the perfect camera phone grip is that it is more than just a grip.  The Shuttergrip is a smartphone camera controller that is adaptable to any situation.

The smartphone camera grip transforms from a DSLR camera grip with a 360° rotating handle to a short or telescoping selfie stick.

Just Mobile ShutterGrips can be mounted on either side of the phone for left or right-handed photographers.

Either preference can hold the smartphone camera grip perfect for pics in landscape or portfolio mode.

When you need to take a shot from a “tripod” the camera grip folds in half with the attachment handle to steady the camera.

Want to connect a device such as a mic or a selfie light?  ShutterGrip 2 provides a cold shoe for immediate connection and use.

When you’re done, the ShutterGrip folds into a 3″ pocket-sized accessory that fits in any pocket or bag and is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

The ShutterGrip is compatible with Apple and Android, so you can use it as an iPhone camera grip or on most Samsung devices.

For other devices that are compatible with Shuttergrip, it only requires Bluetooth 4.0.  If your device has that version of Bluetooth you are good to go.

Where to Buy the Just Mobile Shuttergrip 2

Just Mobile Shuttergrip 2
Just Mobile Shuttergrip 2
$35.00 $50.00

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