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KABAR Tactical Spork & Knife Defends Your Meal With Deadly Force

KABAR Tactical Sporks Are Quick Access Culinary Tools To Eat Outdoors Or Defend Your Meat From Nearby Predators.

The multi-functional KABAR Tactical Spork is equipped with a spork (spoon and fork combo) with a hidden 2.5″ serrated knife conveniently tucked into the handle and perfect for camping, hunting, or fishing.

If you have ever jokingly threatened to stab someone with a fork for attempting to take your food, the tactical spork with up your game.

Simply pull the handle of the tactical spork in half and display your show of force or simply use it to cut your food and imply your threat to the food grubbers.

I personally own several of these and have put them in my go-bag.  On occasion, I have used them in a pinch without a hitch.

The KABAR Tactical Sporks are affordable enough to get a pack or two, lightweight and extremely durable.  The knife is a sharp one and cuts into meats with ease.

When clipped together, the KABAR Tactical Spork has a full length of 6.875 inches and does not feel uncomfortable eating with.

In a bad situation, when my last bullet has gone down range, I would consider it an option for self defense, if easily accessible.

With the KABAR Spork 3 pack you’ll get one in black, OD green, and brown.  Follow our link below to get them from Walmart or use our search links.

Where to Buy the KABAR Tactical Spork

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