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Kanga Pouch Cooler An Easily Portable Iceless Cooler


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The Kanga Pouch Cooler is a Versatile, Easy Carrying, and Convenient Iceless Cooler that Keeps a Cold One Close at Hand at all Times

Designed to hold a six-pack of bottles, a twelve-pack of standard or slim cans, or loose beverages, the Kanga Pouch Cooler is an efficient, gadget-free iceless cooler.

You have seen the competition, bulky coolers that depend on power sources to keep your drinks cold.

You are tethered to an ac adapter or bank of solar panels to keep your cooler cool.

The Kanga cooler is self-sufficient with three layers of patented chill lock insulation and can keep your drinks cool for up to seven hours without using ice.

Kanga Pouch Cooler

Can You Use Ice In Kanga Coolers?

Absolutely.  Fill and cover your drinks with ice in the Kanga Pouch Cooler to keep them cool for the entire day!

Whether you are on the beach, at a backyard BBQ, boating, or on the pond fishing, the Kanga Pouch Cooler can store a six-pack of bottles, a twelve-pack of standard or slim cans, or loose beverages.

Drinks are easily accessible through the magnetically secured top flap for hassle-free refreshments.

Kanga Pouch Cooler An Easily Portable Iceless Cooler

Four versatile side pouches secure your drink koozies, bottle opener, keys, and phone on any adventure.

When you are ready for your favorite refreshment, whip out the Beer Block, a can-shaped ice pack designed to fit around your beverage, keeping it cold while you drink.

Can Kanga Coolers Be Washed

The Kanga Coolers can be machine washed as easily as your favorite outfit!  But you should air dry for best results.

Where are Kanga Coolers From

Kanga coolers were designed by five close friends who enjoy an ice-cold beer in Clemson, South Carolina.

After drinking warm beer at a tailgating party at the University of Clemson, they were assigned a class project and were bent on coming up with a dependable and portable iceless cooler.

Where to Buy the Kanga Pouch Cooler

Kanga Pouch Cooler
Kanga Pouch Cooler
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