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Keyto Breath Meter Provides Your Keto Diet Status Anywhere!


Track Your Keto Lifestyle Anywhere You Go with Instant Results From The Keyto Breath Meter

The Keyto Breath Meter breaks down all of the complexities of your keto diet into just one breath.  An entire decade of scientific research brings you new instant access to your ketosis levels like never before.

After a Keto snack or meal, just breathe once into the Keyto straw and instantly know where you are in relation to your ketone levels.  The Keyto breath sensor gives amazing insights by measuring your the acetone in your breath.

Once you know your body’s metabolic level, the app can now advise you on actionable insights to improve.  Insights include personalized meal plans to adjust your ketone levels and delicious and easy recipes.  Also, stay accountable to others in the weight loss community or compete with each other from meal to meal.

The Keyto Breath Meter is an exceptional gift for an athlete or anyone trying to loose weight on the ketogenic diet.

How Does Keyto Breath Sensor Work

The Keyto Breath Meter works in three simple steps.  Just blow into the Keyto.  Check your ketone level.  Then eat the food you love!

The Keyto app will display instant & accurate acetone levels, provide easy and actionable insights, and delicious Keto friendly recipes.

Where to Buy The Keyto Breath Sensor

Keyto Breath Meter
Keyto Breath Meter
In just one breath, Keyto breaks down everything into an easy-to-understand Keyto Level so you know exactly where you are in relation to your weight loss goals.
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