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This Knife BRIK Cool Pocket Knife is Smashing!


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This Cool Pocket Knife Might be the Most Bad A$$ Gift You Will Ever Give

With each new batch Knife Brik includes a high quality cool pocket knife that is revealed when you break open the 4 pound concrete block.

Every Knife BRIK contains one of ten knives of the highest quality and brand.  Different batches contain a different knife.

Brands included in the newest batch include Gerber, Ka-Bar, Remington, Smith & Wesson, Timberline and many more.

Knife Brik Cool Pocket Knife Is Smashing

Each brand will completely satisfy any folding knife fan who gets this gift.

Plus they will have a ton of fun smashing the concrete brick that will reveal the cool pocket knife for them.

Amp up the gift giving by choosing a custom label or go with one of the three provided options; “F*CK 2020,”
“You Are Smashing!” or the traditional label of “BRIK.”

Knife Brik Cool Pocket Knife Is Smashing

An additional prize is inside each Brik with a special code to enter your buddy or family member in a chance to win a hand crafted Higgins & Peak knife.

Knife Brik Cool Pocket Knife Smashing Concrete

Each of these hand made knives is crafted with a unique handle from a fossilized mammoth ivory tusk!

The fixed blade is made of 416 layer USA Damascus steel and measures 3 inches. All of that and the Kydex neck sheath make it one of a kind.

Just smash your BRIK, get your knife, and enter your code to win.  You can also SAVE 10% using our exclusive referral code when you check out!  Just click the button below to reveal the coupon.

Where to Buy the BRIK Pocket Knife

Knife Brik
Knife BRIK
Knife BRIK is the gift wrapped in concrete that you need to smash to open.
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