Knitted Beer Sweater Koozies Keep Your Beer Cold & Hands Warm


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If you are Looking to Keep a Little Tingle in your Jingle while Celebrating Holidays this Winter, the Beer Sweater Koozies are for you.

Yep, winter is coming. You’ll want to keep your feet warm but your hands cold with this knitted beer sweater koozie!

Family visits will begin soon, and the financial stress of the holidays has just begun to nip at your nose.

After emptying your war chest for gifts, your kids will disappear before the wrapping paper hits the floor.

You’ll need a beer once it’s over and an ugly sweater beer koozie to keep it cool.

Knitted Beer Sweater Koozie To Keep Your Beer Cold And Hands Warm

Whether you are getting buried in the stress of the holidays or just want a cool way to keep your beer cold, these Fairisle pattern beer sweater koozies will keep things festive and fun.

The Sweater Koozie is made with an insulated interior to keep things as cold as a morning ice bath.

Puffin Knitted Beer Sweater Koozie

The beer sweater will keep your hands nice and dry, so have a merry Michelob!  You’re going to need it.

If you need something more tactical to battle your way through the season, check out our post on Tactical Vest Koozies.

Where to Buy the Beer Sweater Koozies

The Sweater
The Sweater
Our Fair Isle RV Camper Beverage Sweater will take your Ugly Christmas Sweater game to the next level!

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