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Kooty Key Germ Utility Tool Is An EDC Germ Free Must Have

Kooty Key Germ Utility Tool is an Essential Germaphobic Swiss Army Option to Fight the Germ Warfare!

Once mocked by germ infested mongrels as overzealous, the Kooty Key Germ Utility Tool has vindicated germaphobes worldwide!  The Kooty Key Germ Utility Tool is a keychain EDC tool used to avoid germ infested public surfaces especially door handles and those disgusting public bathrooms.

The reinforced plastic nylon handle can open doors of virtually any weight, allowing you to avoid the use of your hands.  As much as we try to avoid public restrooms at this time, there is always the chance to find yourself having to visit the latrine unexpectedly.

While there, whether you have to shake hands with the mayor or find yourself strapped to the thunder mug the Kooty Key Germ Utility Tool can be used to send your refuse to the nether world.

The Kooty Key Germ Utility Tool also comes in handy in avoiding touching other surfaces such as keypads at gas pumps, the store check out payment keypads, ATMs, and elevators.

Everyday germs are lurking on all kinds of surfaces and, due to recent events, Germaphobes worldwide have been vindicated!  Now you too can have this handy germ free tool every where you go with easy germ free hook door opening and rubber tip button pushing access right on your keychain.

The Kooty Key Germ Utility Tool has embedded antimicrobial properties that to prevent hosting these microorganisms, bacteria, viruses on the device and prevents the EDC tool from being a vehicle for transmission.

In a world of panic and knee jerk reactions that, some of which, do little to prevent the spread of germs, take back control of your life and live it the way YOU see fit.

The Kooty Key Germ Utility Tool puts you back in control and the infections odds back in your favor.  Even without the “virus that shall not be named”, viruses and other germs are all around us every day.

Each door we open and every keypad we touch has a little something special left behind by its previous visitor.  The Kooty Key launches you back into germ free living.Don’t forget to check out our post on Sanitary Shopping Cart Handles.

Some of the most volatile surfaces where the Kooty Key Germ Utility Tool is useful:

  • Door Handles
  • Soap Dispensers
  • Sink Faucets
  • Water Fountains
  • Toilet Handles/Flush Buttons
  • Trash Cans
  • Vending Machine Buttons
  • Crosswalk Buttons
  • Mailbox Handles
  • Bus Rail Handles

The Kooty Key Germ Utility Tool is a valuable EDC device for the every day germaphobe, those with immune disorders and at a high risk of getting sick.  It comes in popular colors such as black, pink, green, blue, and purple.  Regardless of varying thoughts on the most recent outbreak, it is certainly evident this everyday carry tool is a much needed device when your in public both now and in the future.

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