LaserPecker Pro: World’s Smallest Portable Smart Engraver


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The LaserPecker Pro is a Portable Engraver that Etches Nearly Every Surface, Then Folds up the Size of a Small Book.

Free your unlimited creativity and easily design unique patterns on a multitude of surfaces.

The LaserPecker Pro is an etcher, engraver, and cutter.

Simply access the provided patterns, upload your own unique design or photo, or edit a worded message in the smartphone app that features user-friendly editing features.

Laserpecker Pro Portable Engraver

Once your design or image is chosen, simply start the LaserPecker and it will do the rest of the work.

The robust adaptability of the LaserPecker allows for engraving on common surfaces such as paperboard, fabric, felt, wood, leather, and plastic.

Laserpecker Pro Portable Engraver

But the smart engraver is also versatile enough to engrave snacks and other food items.

The LaserPecker will first light up the planned trajectory of the laser on the engraving surface.

The user can then make the proper adjustments such as size, position, and angle of the pattern.

Once the adjustments are fine-tuned, the LaserPecker does the rest…obviously, with laser precision.

LaserPecker Pro Package Includes:

  • Laser Engraver
  • A pair of safety goggles
  • Adapter
  • Mini Engraving Material Package
  • USB Cable
  • Mounting Tripod
  • 4 sheets of Magnet Protective Shields

Where to Buy the LaserPecker Pro Smart Lazer Engraver

Laserpecker Pro Suite
LaserPecker Pro Suite

Additional Locations:

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