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Laundry Magnets Clean Laundry Detergent Free


Laundry Magnets Are a Revolutionary Way to Get your Laundry Clean Without One Drop of Detergent!

If you are into healthier living, highly durable and performing products, or cleaner water, then the these two little laundry magnets of the Magnetic Laundry System may change your life forever.

Are you tired of spending $15 dollars per gallon of laundry detergent?  Maybe you are looking for a less toxic way to do your laundry or maybe your life’s mission is to save the environment.

One package of two laundry balls can be used over and over again and are guaranteed for 50 years!

The laundry magnets eliminate chemical related health problems by getting rid of the chemicals.  They are great for the baby’s laundry and others with chemical sensitivities and allergies.

Not only do they rid you of detergents, but, they also reduce the use of water by eliminating the rinse cycle saving gallons of water with every load.

Regardless of your reasons, there are many to at least try the Magnetic Laundry System from Water Liberty risk free.

Laundry Magnets Detergent Free Laundry

How does the Magnetic Laundry System Work?

The laundry magnets are coated to protect from damaging your washing machine.

The magnetic laundry balls work in virtually any type of washing machine at home or at the laundry mat.

Whether it is top or front loaded, US or international brand washers, just follow the instructions in your system kit to get started.

You can even use the laundry magnets in washers with plastic drums.  Just tie the magnets in a sock, fabric bag, or in a pocket of your blue jeans. 

As long as the magnets are submerged or in close proximity to the water, the manufacturer claims you will have the same result.

Although we have seen some reviews on the magnets working to remove stains, it is important to remember that the manufacturer suggests use of a natural stain remover.

Some have used Dr Bonner’s Sal Suds as a proven stain removing product, we use it in our house,  But you can also use the products from Water Liberty.


Laundry Magnets Detergent Free Laundry

Do Laundry Magnets Work?

The claim is that the magnets work at the atomic level to lower the surface tension of the water doing naturally what a detergent does chemically.

The criticism is that its not the magnet that cleans your clothes its just the water.  Well, we hate to be the ones to break this to you but it is the same with the chemicals.

You don’t do laundry with just detergent.  Detergent changes the composition of the water and loosens the dirt.

The principle is the same with the magnets only minus all of the toxic chemicals that are in a detergent.

Life Miracle Products claims independent testing of the Magnetic Laundry System and published results of the Stain Removal Test and a Colorfastness and Tensile Evaluation Test to draw your own conclusions.

Yes, they likely paid for the study.  But, so do their competitors who claim it doesn’t work. 

It is hard to find an unbiased opinion anywhere these days.  In many cases even in “scientific research.”

So we researched to find studies on the principle of the claim rather than the product and found the results of this study published in the Journal of Molecular Structure.

The study found, when a magnetic field was introduced to water, the physicochemical water properties had a decrease in water tension and increase in viscosity.

In addition, the water had a more stable activation energy during the application.

Furthermore, we did a quick search on detergent and found what we are led to believe is soap may not even be soap.

According to the medical definition for detergent, detergents ACT like soap but are actually made from chemical compounds rather than fats and lye.

The true test comes in the form of real life application.  During our product research,  most of the reviews on varying sites and forums are overly satisfied in their results.

With a unconditional life time guarantee and the 60 day return policy from Water Liberty you are risk free to try it.

You can get this product on Walmart and other sites, but, why not give your self an extra 30 days to try it.

Life’s Miracle Magnetic Laundry System can be purchased in three varying packages. 

Where to Buy the Magnetic Laundry System

Magnetic Laundry System Single
Magnetic Laundry System Single
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Magnetic Laundry System Single
Magnetic Laundry System Single
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Magnetic Laundry System Single
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