Leather Saddle Purse Bag Handcrafted With Premium Hide


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Saddle up and head out for a day in the concrete jungle, carrying this attention-grabbing cowhide saddle purse.

If you’re looking for a stylish and unique bag, look no further than this western saddle purse made of genuine, superior leather.

These Mexican leather saddle purses bring a whole new meaning to saddle bags and come complete with a handy saddle bag to keep your credit cards, earbuds, or other accessories.

This leather saddle purse bag is handcrafted in northern Mexico from high-quality leather and is the ideal accessory for any horse lover.

Each horse saddle purse is handmade with detail and care. Only the finest materials are used, so you can be sure your saddle purse will last for years to come.

Your bag will be uniquely yours—one of a kind. No two are exactly alike.

With a hand-tooled saddle serving as the opening flap, this item was exquisitely handmade by Tarahumara Native American artisans in the mountains of northwest Mexico.

To gain access to the spacious interior, just remove the single clasp and raise the stirrup to flip the saddle.

It is embellished with decorative stainless steel hardware and is sure to put a little extra pep in your gitty up.

The leather saddle purse bag is also available in cowhide for cow lovers everywhere.

Leather Saddle Purse Bag Cowhide Purse

The leather saddle purse bag is a great way to show off your western style. It’s also functional, with plenty of room to carry your essentials.

So if you’re looking for an exceptionally stylish purse, the western horse saddle purse is a perfect choice.

Get them now at Wild Wings, supporting conservation and promoting artisans for the past 50 years!

Where to Buy the Leather Saddle Purse Bag

Leather Horse Saddle Purse
Leather Horse Saddle Purse
Cowide Horse Saddle Purse
Cowide Horse Saddle Purse

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