LED Wine Bottle Cork Lights With Colorful Light Strings


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LED Wine Bottle Cork Lights make for great unique mood lighting!

Don’t throw that bottle away!  Use these brilliant LED Wine Bottle Cork Lights and that bottle for a unique home, bar, or office decor.

Decorate any entrance or room with these sparkling wine bottle light strings.  Each cork fits great in wine, beer, or liquor bottles.

Each Cork is operated by three small simple to change batteries and has an easy to use on off switch to save battery life.

The cork light strings are waterproof and come in colorful strings, bright, or warm variations.

Immerse these wine bottle string lights in water for glowing effect pr use varying colored bottles to enhance color variation.

These cork lights make a perfect unique gift for any wine lover, or a unique thank you gift to illuminate the home bar.

LED cork lights are perfect for crafts or decorating for weddings, holidays, and other events.  Lastly, they aren’t too bad for setting that relaxing mood lighting.

Where to Buy the LED Wine Bottle Cork Lights

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Led Wine Bottle Cork Lights
LED Wine Bottle Cork Lights
Choose White Lights Or Multi Colored

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