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LEVO 2 Oil Infuser A Countertop Herb, Oil, and Butter Infusing Machine


LEVO 2 Oil Infuser Simplifies the Most Challenging Aspects of Oil Extraction

The LEVO 2 Oil Infuser is a counter top magician for those wanting to extract oils from flowers, seeds, fruits, or vegetables.

This condensed counter top oil extractor integrates the process of drying, decarboxylation, and extraction into a device about the size of a kitchen mixer.

The efficiency of the LEVO 2 produces about 19 ounces of oil, or about 2 cups, from just 1/4 oz of crushed herbs.

In addition to infusing flowers and leaves, the oil infuser can extract oils from avocados, coconuts, corn, oranges, and roots.

When your done, the LEVO 2 oil infuser is a simplistic to clean as it is to use.  Each removable component of the LEVO 2 is dishwasher safe.

If you find oil on the base unit, simply wipe with a wet cloth to remove.  Then fold the power cord into the space saving compartment to store on your counter or elsewhere.

Update - 2021.04.14Save an additional 20% sitewide on LEVO items with our exclusive referral code until 4/20/21!  You can also save on a new Ultimate LEVO II Bundle that includes LEVO II, gummy trays, herb blocks, and more.  The LEVO II is now available in 5 new colors, including the much anticipated Garden Green (live on the website now)

LEVO 2 Potency

There are many factors to consider when looking at the potency of an oil infusion.  These factors hinge on ingredients, preparation, and process.

To simplify that you are setting the proper time and temperature for your infusion, use the LEVO calculator for the proper settings for your herbs or oil sources.

Factors regarding ingredients can include whether you are using fresh or dried ingredients , ground or whole herbs, and total amount added to the pod.

Preparation factors to consider are activation of certain herbs through Decarbing to maximize effects, in addition to the time and temperature of the infusion process.

The exact potency is difficult to determine with out the use of lab equipment.  So your focus should be on the previously mentioned factors and careful consumption.

The best advice is to start low and slow both in the process of infusion and in your consumption until you are comfortable.

LEVO 2 Decarb

Decarboxylation is the process of extracting or voiding carboxyl from a molecule.

This extraction is essential in the when making CBD oils from the flower converting CBD-A into CBD to obtain the metabolic benefits of the oil.

The process is the same with the other cannabinoids.

This step occurs prior to the infusion process and can be accurately done with the right settings on the LEVO 2 Oil Infuser.

LEVO 1 vs LEVO 2

There are some differences to consider when choosing between LEVO 1 vs Levo 2.

LEVO 1 is the easier and more affordable for those just wanting to infuse fresh and dried botanicals.

It has a smaller capacity herb pod of 3.5 grams and produces around 16 oz of oil.  Your choice of colors are different and with small options.

Available colors are Basalt, Almond, Terracotta, and Stone.

The LEVO 2 oil infuser as mentioned previously has a double capacity herb pod, WIFI connectivity for control on the go through the mobile app and comes in colors of Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, and White.

The more important functional improvements are the drying and molecular activation processes.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of making your own salad dressing, scented candles, and skin care products right from your home.

The creative uses for the LEVO 2 Oil Infuser are limitless.  Get your choice of color or version below at

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