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Lightning Reaction Game Reloaded With Variable Shock Control


Lightning Reaction Game is a Startling Game to Play with Friends

Do you have an itchy trigger finger?  If so, you’ll be fine.  It will be your friends who suffer.  The Lightning Reaction game for family and friends that will power up any family night, party, or sleep over.

The Lightning Reaction game has been reloaded featuring variable electric shock control.  You can set the shocks to low, medium or high.  The game itself is electrifying.  The only question is how high are you and your friends willing to go.

Lightning Reaction Game Instructions

Each player grabs one of the four handles from the game base.  Press the button in the center of the base and feel the suspensful music build tension.  When the red light turns green, activate that trigger finger before the last person.

Be the last person to react and get reminded why Tesla’s inventions were so hair raising.  Do not hook to car batteries….do not chew on the wires….and do not play this game in the bathtub.

Where to Buy The Lightning Reaction Reloaded Game

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