Liquid Plastic Welder Bonds With Activated UV Light


LED UV Light Activated Bonding Tool

This ain't your grandma's glue gun!  Bondic's Liquid Plastic Welder uses liquid plastic to bond common surfaces such as plastic, wood, or metal.  But that is not all!  The UV LED bonding tool also bonds Kevlar, leather, ceramic, wiring, and so much more.  The bonding can be molded, milled, filed, painted, polished and sanded, for finish customization.  Once the bonding completely cures, it maintains water proof and heat resistant properties.  The UV cured liquid plastic succeeds where adhesive glue fails.  The liquid plastic welder starter kit comes complete with everything you need to begin your DIY minor repairs.

Here is what one verified purchaser had to say:

"I broke my glasses right in the middle (between the lenses) and cannot afford a new pair of glasses right now. I tried fixing them with just about every kind of glue there is (including the instant-dry kinds ) and not one of them would hold my glasses together for more than a minute. I was about to give up when I saw this product on-line in a video about fixing broken glasses. I figured I'd give it a try and if it didn't work my husband could use it for his plastic modeling.

Let's just say that this product saved me from having to wear my old horribly scratched glasses that I had in a drawer. IT WORKED !!!!! I have been wearing the repaired glasses for 5 days now and they are holding together just great. I even dropped them a couple of times (did I mention I am clumsy ?) and the bond is strong as ever ! I suggest watching a video on how to use this stuff, and if you use it right and for the right purpose, you will not be disappointed. It sure is well worth spending $20.00 on this instead of $300+for new glasses !" - JayBo

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