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LITELOK Core Bike Lock Keeps Your Bike Secure!

The LITELOK Core is the Strongest Bike Lock for Both Peddled Cyclists, and Motored Bikers Alike!

No matter if you’re hitting the trails, or cruising down the highway, the LITELOK Core bike lock is certain to keep your cycle protected!

With over an estimated 188 thousand reported bike thefts per year, this heavy duty bike lock from LITELOK will undoubtedly make sure your bicycle or e-bike, doesn’t become a statistic.

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What IS the LITELOK Core Bike Lock?

The LITELOK Core combines unmatched strength, weight, and flexibility in order to provide you with a top of the line, heavy duty bike lock to keep your ride safe.

No matter how often you find yourself riding down the highways and byways or exploring the trails, inevitably you’ll need to stop and take a breather or grab a bite to eat.

This is where the LITELOK Core bike lock takes the reigns.

AeroSpace Grade Stainless Steel Locking Mechanism | Sliding Keyhole Cover | Pic Resistant Disc Detainer Lock | Stainless Steel Rivets

Tested against hacksaws, cable cutters, power drills, or even a hammer and chisel, the LITELOK Core withstands it all, making it one of the strongest bike locks on the market.

How to Bike Lock with LITELOK Core Bike Lock

Unlike the standard fare locks and chains you probably think of when you’re imagining locking a bike up, the LITELOK is an easy to use, extremely flexible bike lock.

Clicke To Lock Keyless Bike Lock

After parking your bike near a fixed or sturdy object such as a bike stand or a tree if you’re hot on the trails, simply wrap the LITELOK Core through the back wheel of your bike and the frame then click! That’s all there is to it!

Where to Put Bike Lock when Riding?

Once you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal and ride again, the impressive flexibility of the LITELOK makes storage a breeze!

The most popular method of storing the LITELOK Core, is to actually WEAR the lock around your waist!

Wear The LiteLok Core Bike Lock around your waist

Simply fasten the LITELOK around yourself as you would a regular belt, and just like that- you’ll be ready to get back on the road again!

For those who would rather store their LITELOK Core in a more traditional manner, this flexible bike lock can be easily wrapped around the inner frame of your bike.

Mount the LiteLok Core Bike Lock

What are the specs of the LITELOK Core Bike Lock?

Because of it’s incredibly high durability, this heavy duty bike lock from LITELOCK has been awarded a Bicycle Diamond rating from Sold Secure, a well known testing service for security products.

The locking mechanism itself, is made with aerospace grade stainless steel, with four marine grade stainless steel rivets to withstand drilling and torsion attacks.

LiteLock Core Bike Lock Specs

The durable lightweight bike lock eliminates the need for those heavy and bulky chains and locks you typically see.

The Boaflexicore material the LITELOK Core bike lock is made from, makes this flexible bike lock surprisingly light weight, at around 3.9lbs.

The length of the LITELOK, is well equipped to fit most bicycles and e-bikes with a locking length of 34.6 inches.

Litelok is an established company and are currently crowdfunding the LITELOK Core project on Indiegogo.  If you act now you can SAVE UP TO 20% OFF on early bird savings.

Where to Buy the Bike Locker By LITELOK

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Innovative lock combining unparalleled core strength, flexibility and ease to keep your ride safe.
$139.00 $161.24

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