Lobster Slippers A Fun Way to Keep Your Feet Comfy


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Do You Love Lobster but Hate the Price? Well, Now You can Enjoy Lobster Without Breaking the Bank.

Introducing lobster slippers! These cozy lobster shoes make it look like you’re shrouding your feet with real lobsters!

They Say, When You don Lobster Slippers, You got Class

Is there anything more awesome than sporting these stylish shellfish on your feet?

The creeping crustaceans are the added touch you need to finish off that summerwear.

Lobster Slippers

Slippers are made from a strong, lightweight, elasticated, and shockproof material making them the comfiest slippers ever.

How to Rock Lobsters Like a Boss

These lobster sandals are perfect for anyone around the house, at the beach, fishing, swimming, gym, showering, a casual night in town, local festivals, backyard BBQs or other parties.

Lobster Slippers

Do You Really Need Lobster Flip Flops?

These are premium-grade lobster baby—not some measly little crawfish or ordinary crab shoes.

Lobster Slippers

You may not NEED them but we know you want them.

Where to Buy the Lobster Slippers

Coddies Lobster Slippers
Coddies Lobster Slippers

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