Long Distance Friendship Lamps


Long distance friendship lamps keep you connected now matter where you are in the world!

A worldwide connection to the ones you love!  The long distance friendship lamps connect over each individual’s WIFI.  Remind them you are thinking of them, when you touch your Long Distance Friendship Lamp, their lamp lights up.  Connect to as many lamps as you wish.  Lamps light up in hundreds of colors.  Play color wars or just let them know they are in your thoughts.  The set consists of two lamps that connect via WIFI with capabilities of pairing to an already existing set.  Hand assembled in Witchita, Kansas.  These lamps are the perfect gift for grandparents, parents, children, or any long distance loved ones.

Here is what one helpful reviewer had to say about the long distance friendship lamps:

“I bought these lamps on impulse after seeing an advertisement. I had no idea they existed. So first off, I have to say the concept of keeping in touch through a light is brilliant! I had the pair shipped to my home and kept one and shipped the other to my dad. I am in NY, my dad is in NJ. There is a set-up tutorial from Filimin on Youtube- for you visuals. Otherwise there is simple step-by-step instructions that will come with your light.

The lights are shipped in great protective packaging. The light works by Wifi, so each person that has a light has to have private wifi. The light itself is personally crafted with the name of who put it together written on the bottom of your lamp! 0: 🙂 The colors to choose from are plentiful and very rich/luminous. It makes for great decor as well as its function of keeping you in touch with your loved ones….” – Myrna C.

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