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Lumonitor 4k Touchscreen Portable Monitor Streams Lag-Free

The Lumonitor 4k Touchscreen Tortable Monitor is Self Powered with Crystal Clear 1080p or Brilliant 4K UHD Resolution.

Unplug the capabilities!  The battery powered Lumonitor 4k touchscreen 15.6″ monitor transforms your gaming and workstation capabilities into a powerhouse of mobile streaming, regardless if you are working from a phone, tablet or laptop.

The extensive bank of high speed USB ports keeps your devices powered up.  No matter where you go you’ll pack less and be lighter on your feet.

Use the Lumonitor 4k touchscreen monitor as an external wide screen display or as a tablet on its own.

Want to game in ultra high def resolution? The Lumonitor 4k touchscreen monitor is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and more.

Stream lag free UHD resolution for an worry free gaming experience.  Lumonitor will even save your settings when it powers down.

Just want to relax? Watch your favorite shows or movies from your favorite source with HiFi audio adding to the crystalline cinematic 4K video.

Adding to the screen clarity is a 2x brighter LED back light so you can watch, work or play in any lighting.

The Lumonitor 4k touchscreen monitor comes with an anti glare screen to work, watch, or play outdoors on sunny days and a low flicker blue light filter to protect your eyes for long term use or when relaxing in low light.

Connect your phone, tablet or computer to the Lumonitor 4k touch screen that is compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

No complicated setup is required and you can get the Lumonitor Foldable Magnetic Stand & Cover accessory to protect your monitor, while your on the go.

Lumonitor 4k touchscreen portable monitor is 50% off and Lumonitor is offering 56% percent off of the 1080p touchscreen at $349 as Black Friday pricing.  Save an additional 5% with our referral code below!

Where to Buy the Lumonitor 4K Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Lumonitor 1080P Touchscreen Portable Monitor
Lumonitor 1080P Touchscreen Portable Monitor
$349.00 $799.00
Lumonitor 4K Touchscreen Portable Monitor
Lumonitor 4K Touchscreen Portable Monitor
$449.00 $899.00

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